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Hey faggots


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Username writes: They say Final Fantasy XI is going to be an MMORPG. What do you guys think of this? Personally I wish they'd make more games like FF6.

This is how a new member introduces himself to a forum for the first time...



nah 4 is the best, anyway. i was exicted about 11 like 2 years ago... the ni heard alot of crap and i encorage that we (as being the guru community) DO NOT buy it, sqaure is beign evil right now,. once the head of sqaure stepped down after spirits within didnt make enough the other guy that came in just wants to make money, and i dont want to support that untill another GREAT epic comes out. and i dont want another 7 or 10 i want an old school (1-6) game, FUN! not as linear, great charactersm humor etc. i dont like the idea of FF11. sqaure should stick to normal FF;s but... FF tactics online... now thats an idea :P

Am I going to get banned now? :happy:

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