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Heaven & Hell - The Devil You Know (2009) (incl download)


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Heaven & Hell - The Devil You Know

01. Atom And Evil

02. Fear

03. Bible Black

04. Double The Pain

05. Rock And Roll Angel

06. The Turn Of The Screw

07. Eating The Cannibals

08. Follow The Tears

09. Neverwhere

10. Breaking Into Heaven

It's almost a blessing that, for legal reasons, this four-piece can't call itself Black Sabbath. It only serves to hammer home the point that with Ronnie James Dio up front and Vinny Appice in back, Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler express a very different side of their musical personalities than they ever did with Ozzy Osbourne on vocals and Bill Ward on drums. Where the original lineup was an ultra-heavy blues band, with a rhythm section that never failed to swing (OK, they failed a little bit on "Sweet Leaf"), when Dio came on board in 1980 the group was reinvented as a heavy metal juggernaut. While Iommi's riffs remained crushingly heavy, the rhythms got faster on songs like "Neon Knights," "Turn Up the Night," and "Mob Rules," and the lyrics abandoned the earthly concerns of "Paranoid" and "Hand of Doom" for Dio's abstract symbolism and myth-making. These differences became more stark with each album (Heaven and Hell, Mob Rules, and 1992's reunion disc Dehumanizer), and now, The Devil You Know confirms once and for all this lineup's unique take on the genre it helped invent.

This is a heavier album than any of its three predecessors; whether it's due to the bandmembers' advancing age or the influence of anxieties felt throughout the world outside the studio, it's the closest in spirit to the first two Black Sabbath albums, themselves forged in the psychic darkness that was the tail end of the 1960s. It's not until "Eating the Cannibals," track seven of ten, that the band revs into high gear the way it did on "Neon Knights" and "Turn Up the Night" 20-plus years ago. The songs that begin the album, and make up the bulk of its running time, are like slow-motion avalanches, Iommi's riffs and Appice's drumming punishing the listener like medieval monks scourging unbelievers. Dio's lyrics, too, seem to embody an almost Old Testament world-view, positing a universe of darkness, fire, and despair. His voice is as powerful as ever, but he's no longer offering self-esteem lessons the way he once did; he seems consumed by fear and doubt. This gives The Devil You Know a feeling of genuine doom that leaves little opportunity for the catharsis provided by classic heavy metal. While the Osbourne-fronted and Dio-fronted versions of Black Sabbath are, again, very different bands, this is an album that matches its moment every bit as perfectly as Paranoid did back in 1970.


Best Sabbath album since paranoid?

You decide, all I gotta say is this line up should not have stopped making music since dehuminizer. SABBATH AND DIO IS GOD

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Another review!

And of course what can be said about Dio? At 66 everyone's favorite dwarf is showing little signs of slowing down or losing his capabilities. No his highs aren't quite reaching the heights they once did but he's faring far better than most and seems to be well aware of what his limitations are so he doesn't force it thankfully.

All in all a killer album and should be picked up day one of release if you are a fan of heavy music or Sabbath. Other than the one weak track this should be good for many repeated listens and holds up incredibly well against the older material. This is as close to perfect as it gets for a comeback/reunion album. Other bands would do well to have a listen. Several times I caught myself grinning like I was a kid again as I listened to it and wanted to call friends over to hear it. This is a band that stll has the fire and is well aware of what they should and shouldn't do.

See you at the CD store April 28!


I would be remiss to not mention the production on here. I haven't been this excited about an albums production in I don't know how long. It's an excellent mix with everyone being featured and heard very clearly. It's a great production and other bands *coughMetallicacough* would do well to check this out and hear a heavy album is supposed to sound.

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was posting a download thread my bad


Definitely going to pick up the actual copy next week. Just don't know if I am going to get the DVD one or not. (More than likely.)

you should post this stuff at Acceleratede.blogspot.com that way the masses can enjoy.

I only heard of it recently from Faulty.

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