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Accelerated Evolution

Steam users buy: ZENO CLASH


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heres an hd video (watch in HD)



^with a bit club, im currently using a diesel crossbow shotgun. amazing game

Best new FPS of the year, all the reviews are great amazing graphics and art style, unique combat engine that feels like a mixture of a 3D streets of rage and a reglar FPS.


try to beat my achievements!

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Finishing chapter 11 of 18 (half life 2 style chapter choosing / loading) I am in total love with this game, I can tell already its very short which is why its only 19.99 can be beaten in a night it seems, but theirs a 5 or 6 tier challenge mode which is bland environmentally but has endless ass kicking and I didnt get a chance to even finish the first one yet. All the achievments in game are a ton of fun, I've almost gotten my third and fourth ( for throwing x numer of enemies into another enemy) and (killing x number of non violent wild animals) haha.

I have amazing screenshots from this level on a boat with stunningly beautiful water, sky, and surroundings (great use of purples and pinks in dark ways) along with the home of this hookah smoking chick chick graphically is insanely detailed.

Xfire is being gay now so I'll upload later.

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The constant recycling got on my nerves by the end of the game. Other then that and a few bugs, it's well worth $20.

give me your name for steam, we can do the challenge tower, I held the #1 time for tower 1 but someonme beat me by 5 seconds, and now I own number 2 towers time.

(firsttower I had like 5 min 42 seconds)

I'm running through the game in diff difficulties so I can grab every single achievment i have nine so far (some cant be done on easy)

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