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The future expansion speculation thread

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With Lich King already well on its way to getting its fist Patch with an additional raid its probably a good time to start speculating and where the next expansion will lead us


Not being much of a lore nerd I wold say say that either the Emerald Dream or Maelstrom seem like the coolest ideas from the stuff listed above. Either that or something involving the Caverns of Time taking players back to before any of the RTS games took place (or somewhere in between?).

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South Seas/Maelstrom seems like the obvious answer. Making fishing easier to train, adding in a water mount, giving a bunch of classes some form of water walking ability, and the number of under water quests in Northrend. Also, there's a couple ports in the game already that no boats goto (Tanaris for example) so the travel options exist already. And if it is, we'll be fighting Naga and Azshara, which provides a prime opportunity to add the Worgen of Gilneas to the game as a new race since Brann believes the Naga may have attacked or taken over Gilneas. Not sure what they could use for the other race. Maybe Makura, since they're at war with Nazjatar anyway - though they would make more sense as an Argent Crusade like faction.

Also, I hope that Blizzard realizes while an interesting idea, Hero classes (At least ones as easy to roll as DK's) are a terrible idea and doesn't add another one.

I'd love to see the Emerald Dream added. They should really do something with the entrance in Feralas.

Before any of that, though - I'd like to see some of the unfinished stuff patched in. Like Uldum (Which makes sense with HoS, HoL, and Ulduar in the game already)

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Also, I hope that Blizzard realizes while an interesting idea, Hero classes (At least ones as easy to roll as DK's) are a terrible idea and doesn't add another one.

As useless as they would be overall in both group utility and overall gameplay mechanics I would still like to see the Runemaster as a new class. A melee fighter that uses power-up magic to enchance strength/speed etc just sounds too cool to include in the game.

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It's just that rolling and leveling DK's is way to easy. Every time I see a raid pug forming or a guild looking for people it's alwaysed followed by "No DK's/full on DK's" because there's so damn many of them.

Runemasters would be cool, but they either need to be a plain-jane class (Preferably) or they need to be more difficult to roll. A long lvl 80 quest chain should be required to unlock them.

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this pretty muc come up in my guild at least once a week. Everyone really seems to be set that the next one will be Malestrom, and the next hero class will be a caster (battle-mage or archdruid perhaps)

Or all of this will be like an everquest-esque 2 thing that will be blizzards new mmo.

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Also, the option to change factions and race.


And I personally would love to see a revival of Molten Core. I know most people hate it and think bringing it back is stupid but I absolutely loved every boss in there and would like to see a return.

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PVP quests or achievements that reward you with a mount from the opposing faction adorned with armor that has your faction's color theme. The story could be your character capturing and taming a mount from the opposing faction.

For instance, the Skeletal Warhorses, Wolves, Kodos, Hawkstriders, and Raptors of the Horde would be white or black with gold, silver, and blue armor.

The Horses, Rams, Mechanostriders, Elekks, and Nightsabers of the Alliance would also be white or black, but with red, bronze, and black armor.

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I dont know what to think of this as of yet confirmed expansion. The 'opening up of already in pl,ace areas of Azeroth' seems lazy (for lack of a better word). New races are cool, but no new jobs is eh, I don't have a problem with races getting some new jobs (just the Tauren paladin bugs me)

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Well I'll be damned. A good chunk of this was true.

that it was. I still cant tell if we're loosing Thrall as the warchief though. I really hope not :/

Also hope we dont loose Orgrimmar

EDIT: according to MMO-Champ apparently the Horde is loosing Thrall as warchief to be replaced with Hellscream. wtf.

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This has me excited. The rumours on MMO-Champion had me thinking this would be lame, but the panels so far have assuaged my fears. The game growing on a whole within itself is something that has been desperately needed for a long time.

Also, wtf - wtb Goblin Sapper.

Also, rserving name "Worgenfreeman"

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So apparently Azeroth will change regardless of whether you buy the expansion or not. Makes sense but it feel like that'll make the expansion not really worth buying unless you already have a level 80 characters. Or if you want to play as a damn furrie

You know, excpet that you wont get either new race, none of the new race/class combos, none of the new quests even though the zones have changed, and none of the new zones (Not all of which are level 80+).

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Ooooh. Wonder if there's any weight to this rumor about the Alliance capturing and executing Sylvannus for the incident at the Wrath Gate? People are suggesting that this may be why Thrall hands over the Horde to Garrosh.

No, Haya. There is going to be a lot of new content from 1-60. That's kind of the point this time around.

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