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This is the serious discussion about A(H1N1)

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Ahaha. This is great. My parasite is spreading slowly, but I have three countries down and thousands of infected without having been discovered yet.

And no. Not too soon.

Edit: 2/3rds of the world infected Can't spread further, time to stat killing.

Edit: Other people should really be posting here. Anyway, finally got to the end, but I lost. 57,730 people in the entire world survived.

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Everyone ready for Swine Flu Hysteria #2?

I guess some experts down at the CDC or wherever else they house the fearmongering engines predict that half the US population will contract H1N1 this coming Fall/Winter.

to translate:

at some point during a season where most people are interacting with one another and traveling very far to visit family/friends and also shopping at stores more frequently, you're probably going to get the flu.

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