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Free 24 hours of Left 4 Dead on steam Friday 5/1/09


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start pre-loading if you never purchased Valves best shooter or are just curious about it and WILL be playing with lots of ae members. for those who don't know no matter which game mode you play a microphone is basically 100% needed. You can play without one.. but..... the co-oridination even in campaign gets disorginzed, I've never played a versus game where someone didn't have a microphone but I'd imagine it would be a disaster same for survivor.


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free for 24 hours, last years game of the year on many websites would be insane to be released free, but during this event... this weekend only the price is slashed 40% to raise an already obscenely huge userbase.

As promised Valve has launched its 24 free play period for Left 4 Dead, allowing anyone who hasn't bought the zombie co-op shooter to download the full game and play it for free until 7 pm ET on Friday. Again the full version includes the new Survival mode (and what do you know; we have a guide to that mode posted on our site today).

In addition to the free 24 hour version, Left 4 Dead can now be purchased and download for 40 percent off its normal price on Steam. Normally the game costs $39.99 but for the weekend only you can purchase the title for a mere $23.99.

For 23.99 a game that has kept me playing near daily since I first purchased it around the winter season is the best bargain going around.

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The free 24-hour trial of Left 4 Dead (PC) is being extended through the night. The free trial includes access to the recently released Survival Pack DLC, which introduced a new multiplayer game mode and two additional Versus campaigns. Those who wish to give L4D and the Survival Pack a free try now have until Saturday at 5 pm GMT, with no obligation to purchase. Those who decide to purchase the full product and do so this weekend will save 40% off the regular price.
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