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So basically I'm done with my entire living situation. Albeit its free. My mother tells me she wants me to live at home, and attend college. She gets me cigs occasionally, I never ask for them. She'll get me a beverage now and then, and she feeds me. Its great. But any time I would disagree with her or my stepdad... my stepdad goes off on me about all the charity I receive. I don't ask for it. My mother loves me enough to let me stick around a bit. Its hard as fuck to find a job around here, if not impossible. I would just up and leave if I could.. But that would be extremely tough considering im on probation and subject to pay for randoms during the week until july 30th. And my brothers...

One thinks his word is infallible, he thinks he has a great grip on the world and constantly tells me Im shit. I basically hear that from my stepdad as well. And the other is 6 and constantly needs to be coddled and whines. If he bitches when someone isn't doing something for his benefit or comfort, it usually gets taken out on me, because my time is not valuable and everyone puts their bullshit first. So I end up 'watching' him while they sit over at the neighbors(20 yards away, who are also fuckheads I recently discovered) and drink/laugh and be belligerent.

Basically I am DONE being given anything for free at this house. In fact I don't want anything anymore from these people. The entire neighborhood has such warped views on just about everything and its driving me further away from the people I should care about(I care less everyday). I need to leave, I just don't know how or when.


Sorry that was soo long.

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