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Random Thoughts XII: Carmine bought me Tacos tonight


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I have it pretty much up to my neck with my life . I am becoming a very bitter person that is starting to hate everything. Tonight this chick that i have been getting to know says to me that i should pick her up from the bar at 3 am and then we will have a sleepover, so i drive 20 minutes to the bar and she says to me, oh i forgot to text you saying that i am just gonna go home. I actually dont need a ride now sorry.

I am fucking raging right now.

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just got done spending time with my lady. she's going on a little vacation, then has some visitors coming from outta town so i probably won't get to see her again for a few days. MAN it sucks only getting to see your girlfriend only about once a week

at least we make the most of the time we get to hang out :eyebrows: :eyebrows:

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Put to death by choking hands.

Slain remains is makeshift graves.

Proceed to rot and decompose.

Beaten, raped, left to die.

I will never die, fucking make you cry.

Tear your fucking flesh, human crap mess.

Fucking sodomized, rot and decompose.

Love to see you bleed, fucking hear you scream.

whoooo :headbang:

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