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Least Favorite Character

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1) Doctor Pulaski- Come on this bitch kicked Beverly Crusher out and then is a dick to Picard in the first episode she's in.

2) Deanna Troi- Crappy acting, ugly camel toe and an annoying accent. Not to mention in some of the worst episodes of TNG. She gets #2

Pretty much the only two, Riker gets an Honorable mention for being an absolute cock in many episodes but vindicates himself by being a total bad ass in others.

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You fail. Deanna Troi is hot.

The worst from TNG is easily Tasha Yar.

DS9: Odo, and I echo Quark Griffin's opinion that Odo had nothing interesting to say.

Voyager: Seven of Nine because she was just a chattering pair of boobs. Tuvok because his solution to everything was a mind meld. B'Elanna Torres because all she ever did was bitch about being half Klingon. Kes because she was boring and just an excuse to have some kind of creepy alien pedophilia relationship.

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