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IPB 3.0

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Invision just released Invision Power Board 3.0 RC1.

For you noobs, RC1 means "Release Candidate 1". This usually means the code is, for the most part, stable. There might be a few lingering bugs but that's why it's a "candidate" for release. If (more like When) bugs are found, new "release candidates" are released. Eventually one of the candidates is stable enough to be called the final product, and the actual release comes out.

But given Invision's track record with bugs and updates and releases and versions and shit, RC1 could either be horrible or it could rock. When I took the site down for the April Fool's gag, we tested Beta 4. Beta 4 (out of the 5 betas released) was horrible. I think Invision released like 5 release candidates for 2.0, which is kinda laughable. They also said 3.0 was going to be out by December of last year, then Q1 of this year.

I'm gonna install the RC at another URL here and you guys are welcome to fuck with it. I'll even give all the mods admin powers, and everyone else mod powers. I'm not worried about breaking shit, there will be an RC2.

I'll post the URL once it's up.

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So this is PHP and mySQL forum system? When you said that, once posted, you were going to give admin controls and all that, were you referring to this site? I dont know exactly what I would use something like that for, seeing that i dont make forums or skins. But yeah, I was just curious as to what you meant because I might screw around with it. =)

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FYI, user registration works perfectly fine this time around. I even registered an account to test this.

The only issue I've ran into so far has been with the new friendly URL system. It's either a bug or it's due to GoDaddy's setup and I need to tweak it.

Otherwise, so far so good.

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You should be able to login on an account in the Validating user group.

The forum permissions were configured to allowing Validating users to start new topics and reply to topics.

The buttons were there to do so but you get a permissions error when posting. Confirmed bug. Reporting to Invision.

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