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Indie, again?


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I posted a thread a while back about some good indie bands I could get into, and I did. So I was just wondering what all the rest of you are currently into. I've been obsessed with broken social scene for a long time now, and just recently got into Apostle of Hustle, BSS's Andrew Whiteman's side project and its an amazing album. Besides these I've been into interpol, trail of dead and the pixies (I dont know if you'd technically consider them indie) anyways talk about indie or some shit, pce.

Oh ya I also know that Foldered your friends with the dudes of Big Old Eyes, right? Well if you can tell me if they have any plans on a new album, or have even updated the moon hips and spoon lips EP with actual track names, cause mine dont have any.

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I guess I like the typical indie bands: nmh, decemberists, pavement, old deathcab for cutie, elf power, olivia tremor control, silver jews, melt banana, ect. Nothing too out there.

I like the decemberists, and deathcab alot, I've never heard melt banana though, is there any album I should deffinitly listen to?

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Big Old Eyes: Moon Hips + Spoon Lips:

1) Big Old Eyes

2) I'm Not a Gentleman

3) Pipers

4) Piano Keys

5) Pocket the Pedal Bike

6) Weaving a Racket

Along with that, they are now a three piece band, they have 6 new songs and are planning on getting another 6 track EP out. The new songs are pretty awesome, too. (I have no recordings though.)

As for indie bands:

Built to Spill, Dinosaur Jr., My Bloody Valentine, Stephen Malkmus + the Jicks, Archers of Loaf, Silver Jews.

That should keep you busy for a while.

fuckn awesome I cant wait for that ep to come out, and yeah I love my bloody valentine and dinosuar jr. so Ill have to check out those others, thanks alot

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If you haven't heard of The Arcade Fire then you really should. They are amazing, given how popular they became so quickly.

Most of the good ones have been suggested already, I totally suggest The Decemberists again though. Xiu Xiu is sort of experimental, but also worth a look.

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Oh man, Archers of Loaf PWN!!

ummm k try these on for size.


Brendan benson

the constantines

A.C. Newman

The shins

Tarkio (Decemberist's Colin Meloy's first band)

The Delgados

Circulatory System ( Jeff Mangum is in this band, lead sing of NMH)

The weather machines

THe super friendz

Eric's Trip

The Gerbils

K.C. Accidental

Bah the list goes on if you want more just tell me.

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Indie is a broad term, but not for the kind of indie that cip is looking for, I mean he listens to tons of metal, death metal, prog metal and whatnot, and he also listens to indie rock like The Decemberists style, and thats the kind of stuff he's looking for, and thats pretty much what INDIE as a genre of music.

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He's as Indie as... not.

See, now we're deviating from the textbook definition of indie to adhere to some sort of credibility standard. Never mind Devin releases his own albums. Never mind the fact that Devin produces music outside of the mainstream, even in his own 'mainstream' band (which I am considering a separate entity from his solo work). Since he doesn't produce shoegazer anthems, since he doesn't fit the stereotype, because he actually has talent he's not 'indie' enough for you.

While we're on the subject, I'd like to go ahead and add that this same attitude which has permeated the metal scene is precisely the reason I'm giving up on the whole scene. I'm sick and tired of the idea that a band is somehow better or worse based on how 'underground' they are. I'll admit, I embraced the whole thing when I was younger, but nowadays I tend to judge a band based on *gasp* whether I like their music. It's the same with punk music, too, only they make an even bigger deal out of it.

TL;DR : Image is nothing, thirst is everything, obey your thirst.

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