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StarCraft II

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How many of you think that this game is going to live up to your expectations? Seeing all of the gameplay videos and stuff I am saying that it is looking sexy as hell and that it definitely will. I've been SC BW for the last 10 years so there was a time where I completely gave up on them coming out with another. IT'S COMING THOUGH! :headbang:

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It does look like wc3 a little, but I'm confident that they are not going to disappoint. Especially with such a huge dedicated fan base. Most people who play sc play wc3. While game play might be similar, I think its going to be awesome still.

I didn't mean gameplay was similar, because it doesn't look like that at all. I just meant don't make blizzard rush SC 2 because it might suck.

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Was it the story? Or do you prefer micro over macro? Or the RPG Elements?

well, it's not that I prefer micro over macro, but I just felt the whole story, world and feel of the game exceeded that of it's predecessor(s). Granted I've always liked StarCraft more than WarCraft, but that's just me.

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