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Accelerated Evolution

Accelerated Evolution SC BW Games/Tournament Thing????

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Dudes and dudettes, there was a little bit of a response for people getting down on some SC BW in anticipation of SC2 coming out. I wanted to get something set up for Saturday or something.... Anyone who is down or something get on here and say something..... Maybe we can organize this shit :headbang: !!!

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I lost my broodwar disc :sad:

Does broodwar even have key?

If you have the SC key you can also input it into the blizzard site and download a combo version for free. Course you could probably torrent it too, but the blizzard site will keep it secure on your account and you can DL it at will.

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Could we just do this next week so I can be there.


We can do it whenever you like baby, you know that :eyebrows: . I still wouldn't mind getting a couple people together maybe just to game this weekend though. It would be nice to have someone to play with :unsure::(. Unless some of you cool people wanted to :headbang: !

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all good. msn is too cluttered*gotta clean it up.* so my aim is Azraelscross

alright dude, i added you, im bensonjamin6909 . i am going to be next to my computer i will prob message you around 9:30-10 ur time man. Oh we can meet in channel Accelerated Evolution and my name on SC BW is Morkeleb .

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