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Accelerated Evolution

Here is something I wrote a while ago... Can I get some feedback.

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Belittled by life's expectations,

Depressed by life's situations,

When will I come to realize

That my doings are to my demise?

Smothered in self-confliction,

Dying by my own conviction,

Everything is clouded in blasphemy,

When will I learn to accept me?

I need to start taking action,

Not worry to who I cause an infraction,

My life belongs in my hands,

One day at a time and then its gone,

And we wither into the sands.


There it is, let me know what you think :headbang:

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Yar.... Use the fiction section next time dude.

But... I like it. Some really nice imagery like withering into the sands. Seems like a highly personal poem.

I will use the Fiction section next time. My bad, as I have already said. Thanks, it is personal, but I figured that it could draw emotion from others. I am going to get it published if I can. I appreciate the feedback man.

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