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Accelerated Evolution
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kill, bang, marry

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ugh i remember that movie. Dan Akroyd was a fox not.

dun lie you would take it from both of em

you'd be their bitch in a SECOND :eyebrows:

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Kill - Rosie, that bitch had her limelight on the view and she fucked it up, ill never forgive her

Bang - chick from Gossip, dont know what she looks like , darc says mmmmhmmm so i say mmmhmmm

EDIT : Marry - Perez Hilton, his relationships never last long so i can get his money and be free within a coupld months

up next

Alexander ovechkin

Sidney Crosby

Evgeni Malkin

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FYI: It's Perez Hilton...

Paris Hilton wouldn't have made her list such the terrible cockblock it was.

haha boy is there egg on my face. Meh , its just a list, id still marry him and divorce him for his money. within the hour. If i killed him how would half of the hollywood rumors begin?

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Marry- Alexander ovechkin

Bang- Sidney Crosby

Kill-Evgeni Malkin , close tie with Crosby and Malkin on who looks more retarded

Next up-

The Skank department

Lindsay Lohan

Paris Hilton

Amy Winehouse

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Marry - Lindsay Lohan, i dont know why, i find her hot. And she was a born again lesbo for a while.

Bang - Paris, once is enough

Kill - Amy Winehouse , shes almost dead anyway.

First Ladies

Jackie O

Laura Bush

Nancy Reagan

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Marry- Jackie O, also I bet she'll let me sodomize her

Bang- Laura Bush, as long as I don't catch her husbands aids

Kill- Nancy Reagan, oh god she is butt ugly

Up next:


Gaston from Beauty and the Beast

The Seven Dwarves

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Marry: Aladdin - He can show me a whole new world.

Bang: Gaston - Gotta love the bad boys, right?

Kill: Dwarves. All of them. Including Hobbits and Gnomes who aren't Dwarves but might as well be.

Next up!

Juan Valdez

Marlboro Man

Steve - The You're Getting a Dell Dude.

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Kill- Juan Valdez, just no

bang- Steve, my sister's teacher at NYU had him and said he was a moron. So only good for once.

marry- Marlobor man, isn't he dead? Does that mean I get his money. Yea, I'll marry him.

Next up--

Princess Leia

Deanna Troi

Sarah Connor

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Marry- Leia - she's a princess

Bang - Sarah Connor - would solve the whole time paradox problem, John Connor is actually my son, not that dude from the future's.

Kill - Deanna Troi - I never was a real Star Trek fan

Joss Whedon

Neil Patrick Harris

Nathan Fillion

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Kill- Joss Whedon, I'm pretty sure he did Buffy and should die for that

Bang- NPH, he's a gay so he'd probably be good at it already.

Marry- Nathan Fillion, wasn't a fan of Firefly but Serenity was pretty good. Also he's dreamy.

NEXT UP!!!!!!!

Chris Crocker

Mike Meyers

Chris Farley (living)

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