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AE's RPG Cast Review


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Someone throws out a random RPG. You list the cast and fill who would fit best into each of those characters from that game.

Let's try this out with a simple one.

Final Fantasy 6

Terra - Amy - Cause everyone loves Amy!?

Locke - Makil - Thief at heart!

Mog - Scarface - I don't know anyone else here that dances!

Edgar - Alundra - Pimp

Sabin - JeremyGEE - Does martial arts yo!

Banon - Wind - Started the revolution! (also, hippie)

Ultros - James_xeno - Doesn't know when to stop.

Shadow - Gimpy - Will work for money!

Interceptor -??? - Who here is a lap dog, tool? lol

Cid - Arsie-poo - Resident know it all.

Gau - PMA - Dude is just super random.

Cyan - Siendra - Fanboy

Celes - Adam - Cause he is alone, awwwwww

Kefka - Rocksteady - Drugs change people! Also is a clown!

Gestahl - Elite - Overlord

Strago - U-1 - Acts like an old geezer all the time.

Relm - Evergreen_Forest - Unlimited Optimism

Umaro - Gummy Bear of Doom - Sasquatch, Bear...they go hand in hand!

Leo - J-Stop - Super solider

Gogo - (insert random new member) - because no one knows who you are.

Setzer - Darkon - Gambler at heart


At least that's my humble interpretations! Only one slot in the cast was not filled in. This is largely due to me not knowing anyone on these boards anymore. lol

So, view this, laugh, submit yer own thoughts. Switch the cast around how you feel is appropriate. Or make another list of another game entirely. I don't care!

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silly. but hey why not?

AE as the cast of Xenosaga.

Kevin / Red Testament - LeadingMan - Very intelligent and shows up at the right times with only the best intentions of making things better for everyone.

Albedo / White Testament - Svenska Aeroplan - Not because he's completely fucking crazy, but because you shouldn't let him anywhere near your children.

Jr. / Rubedo - Scarface - Acts younger then he actually is.

Jan Sauer / Ziggurat 8 / Ziggy - U1 - Even after death he'd find a way to come back to life and help people out.

Luis Virgil / Blue Testament - J-Stop - Because... actually i don't why other then he had a Blue Testament avatar a few years back for a while.

Voyager / Black Testament - Siendra - Extremely intelligent, but will probably kill your family on a bad day.

U-DO - Elite - In terms of AE he is GOD.

Nigredo / (inside) Dmitri Yuriev - Evergreen Forest - He's smart but probably secretly hiding away another personality waiting to get out and take over the world.

Allen Ridgeley - Artie - The guy who people mistake as the soft guy until you mess with his shit, then he'll kick your ass.

Citrine / #668 - Rocksteady - Being one of the symbolization of the Four Horsemen, will try to be a catalysis to the apocalypse. or attempt to anyway.

Shion Uzuki - Gummy - Because he's so secretive about being a lesbian and a robosexual but everyone already sees the signs.

if i missed or left out anyone -- post.

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