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So, my friend has been getting into some really deep and involved shit recently. It is in my best inerest to figure out wether there is any need for concern. So, what do I do? I turn to people I have never met before for advice! (Or rather their perspective.)

So, as some of you may or may not know I am friends with the kid who was made somewhat famous for the whole tazing incident at the University of Florida, (DON'T TASE ME BRO!!!)

Yeah, that guy. His name isn't important because as of today people only remember him as the "Don't Tase me Bro" guy. In any case that guy (who became somewhat known on the world map because of that incident.) was contacted by some Patriot who is living in Australia. He heard of Meyer and knew that he was a journalist and contacted him because he wanted an american to break a story for him. Meyer, not wanting to be disturbed (he is writing a book (honestly anyone who has been in the news can get away with making a book nowadays.)) informed my friend about this man and gave him all of the emaisl between the two.

Now, my friend is an extreme conspiracy theorist if you will. 911 and all the government control is his shtick. Hearing and reading all this information form Meyer, (who is a better friend of his then Meyer is to me) had gotten my friend interested in the man. Meyer told the man that he was going to have my friend contact him and he did and the two have been sharing emaisl about the subject.

The subject if you want to know is about an Austrailian man forging the signature of the queen to allow anyone he so chooses into power and also alter the laws to his choosing. This story is supposed to lead into a much larger story that involves the USA in the same fraudulent ways. There is more to this story, but it is not mine to tell as I don't have all the details.

So, my friend has been talking to this guy and my friend as I said is all about conspiracy theroies. he believes one of three things.

A) this man is legit and is an old broken down freedom fighter that needs an American who can communicate (dumb down) what he has to say so that the American audience can understand his story.

B) The man is a fraud.

C) The man is a secret agent observing revolutionaries. (A stretch sure, but hey...it's not impossible to believe with our current government.)

My friend is obviously trying to get the man to contact him directly since emails are a long drawn out process of communication, (and since the phone call would be pretty pricey.) but the red flag my friend drew up was the man's email.

His email was something to the effects of Albert H Fish, which i didn't know at the time, but the name belongs to a man who was a known serial killer and cannibal.

My question is, why would this man contact someone who he wants his trust with such a dubious email address?

My friend wants to write this story, but he doesn't know if he is being tested or if there is any truth to this man's jabber. My friend wants to talk to this man and figure out his intentions before he jumps to far into this as it may or may not lead to some crazy revalations.

Of course we all could be looking far too deep into this rabbit hole and this could all be nothing at all.

But it doesn't hurt to be cautious. Not to mention my friend has already said a lot of crazy things have started to happen to him. (One such story involves a commotion outside hs house. The noise belonging to a Fire Truck and it's inhabitants.)

My friend's family has a old folks home sort of buisness that is right next to their house (it's the next house over, no blocks apart their buisness is RIGHT next to their house.) The fire truck wouldn't be some weird other then the fire fighters were leaving with no patient's and when my friend confronted them because it was late at night, none of them spoke to him. In fact he walked up to them and asked what was goign on, and they all ignored him and made a B-line to their truck and left the scene. I'm not saying that anything, I'm just saying... That's not how fire fighters act. Ever.

So, yeah, I know I am leavign out a lot of details that might swing you (the readers) opinions on things, but I just don't want to see my friend end up missing. lol

So, this is the safest way I can opnely look to others for advice/opinions on the matter.

What sayeth thee?

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