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Final Fantasy XIV


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I hope it plays more like WoW this time around. lol

I'm hoping they pull their inspirations from multiple sources. But yeah WoW is a good place to glean from, much like they did from EQ1 back in the day. Just keep applying that Japanese sensability to it, and it should be fine.

Btw here's the concept vid for "Rapture" back when it was still just a code-name.

Concept pics: (Some of this stuff is around 3 years old)


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Yeah, lol.

Here's what I hope the decide to add to this game.

More solo capabilities. Sure partying with random people did open up the possibility of meeting and greeting new people I guess, but man sometimes you can't find any sensible people at all.

More balanced jobs. Or at least if one job is obviously better at something then it should have a major flaw that another job can exploit and so forth.

Each job should have something that no other job has to offer.

And on that subject, have a warring faction so PVP is not just an option, it's one of the server options. Make Beastmen playable!

More customization in armor and weapons.

Make questing worth a damn!

Get the fuck rid of de-leveling.

Quicker traveling.

More races with more of a diversity between them all.


That's a good start at least. lol As if they will listen to a nub like me!

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Q&A from the SE Conference about FF14:

"What are the ties to FFXI?"

Tanaka says, "These are different races, a different world than FFXI, the name of the world is Eorzea." The reason we made them similar in FFXI was so that the players who have been playing XI and liked the character can choose a similar type of race, he says. An example of why we did this, he says, is like we have one actor in many movies--in one movie he's an assassin robot, in another it's a spy, but it's the same guy. We want you to think of it the same way.

Next question, "What kind of influences from other MMOGs like World of Warcraft have there been on FFXIV?"

Komoto responds, "As with WOW, they're aimed at the casual user, we're aiming for more casual users. However, we don't want to make a copy of WOW, we want to be unique."

Next question: "FFXI has evolved a lot over the years, with the ability to play solo like WOW. Will you be carrying over the ability of being able to play solo?"

"Yes, all of the knowledge and experience we got, we plan on using in the development of FFXIV." "FFXI was originally designed based on party battles. With FFXIV, we'd like to have content for solo players, as well as extremely large battles for players to play together."

Next question: "Are there plans for worldwide launch of the game, simultaneous worldwide release?"

Tanaka says, "Yes, we will launch worldwide, in all regions, in the same four languages as we already announced."

"Was yesterday's trailer the same quality that we'll actually see in the game?" is the next question.

Komoto says, "Yes, there were parts that were pre-rendered, but parts were running on the in-game engine."

(It's highly likely the part he is referring to is the battle on the boat.)

"Is there any possibility of porting FFXI characters to FFXIV?"

Tanaka says, "The game is completely different, there won't be any way to take your character from XI and take it to XIV." He continues, "Since the character design is very similar, you can create a new character that will be like what you played in FFXI." "Also, FFXIV will not be using the PlayOnline system, however the friends list will be transferred over the FFXIV system."


Some pretty decent info in there.

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I wonder if I am going to have to acess my Play Online account to get all my buddy info...

Wait, why do I give a shit. lol It's not like I am going to get to play with the same people on the same server!

Prolly just Anar and Bell and Brona if they are going to make the switch that is.

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So from what I have gathered since its announcement is that the same races will be in 14 as there was in 11.

They want to implement some way of making sure 11 players can keep their name in 14, no definite answer on how yet.

This world has a level of technology in it (Mustadio cameo?)

They believe that the job system is what made 11 popular so they are going to keep it. (I had no personal problem with the sub jobs.)

There will be content for solo and groups both of which will be available at the same time, so someone can solo all day and group for 40 mins and go back soloing.

There's rumors of beta in September, they're already moving people over from 11 to work on 14. Keep your fingers crossed.

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What do I have to do to be part of beta testing?

I mean, i know it isn't set up yet... (I think)

But I have never done it either, and I think that would be pretty sweet!

edit: Oh, and we really need to try and get us all on the same server this time.

Why the fuck is it that hard to organize this? lol

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Additionally it was just released that FFXIV will have no levels. It may have some sort of weapon levelling system instead, but exp and levels aren't going to be standard.

Also for those who can't read moonrunes:

Today, we've got the official new names. Here's the rundown with the Final Fantasy XI names in parenthesis for comparison: Hyuran (Hume), Lalafell (Tarutaru), Elzen (Elvaan), Miqo'te (Mithra) and Roegadyn (Galka).

The classes are: Fighter (Archer & Swordsman), Sorcerer (Enchanter & Warlock), Crafter (Blacksmith & Cook) and Gatherer (Gardener, Fishermen).


Strange that they're going the route of having the crafting stuff become actual jobs. And fyi, all of those names aside from elzen are harder to say / type and thus, suck. Miqo'te especially. And the new Mithra look awful.

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Strange that they're going the route of having the crafting stuff become actual jobs.

It could be some world where plants and fish are the most ferocious things on the planet, and fire goes wildly out of control if you try to cook or forge with it

...or we're gonna have Runescape 2

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