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Accelerated Evolution

Final Fantasy XIV


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More leaks:

Area changes between cities and the field are seemless

BGM flows naturally

Private instances will not be interrupted by things happening around you (chat, crowdedness)

The L3 button is the target lock

Everyone can use teleport from the beginning

Warp (like FFXI) sends you back to your home point, which is defaulted to the last Aetherite you used.

There are only male Highlanders.

You can only play as female Miqo’te, but males exist.

There is a difference in starting stats between tribes, but this can be overcome with character growth (?)

Gender has no effect on play

Roegadyn females exist (does not say they are playable)

The difference between tribes isn’t that big

The opening will be real time, not pre-rendered.

Flow of battle:

Select target with directional keys

Draw weapon with R1

Select commends with directional keys

Effect gauge charges

Alpha was made with casual gamers in mind, too, but it may still be difficult

Players will be able to reallocate stats in the final version

They want to make teleport and warp available for all classes, and make it low-cost.

After alpha comes beta 1, then beta 2. PS3 should be playable from beta 2.

Alpha and beta 1 will be mostly the same thing.

Parties cannot be formed unless the other members are close to you when inviting them.

There are five different ranks of guildleve difficulty.

After being defeated in battle, there is a five minute “weakened” state (It may be possible to be revived without a raise spell?)

There are things like attack magic which can be used without MP

Casting while moving is possible

There are MP restoring abilities

HP regenerates pretty quickly in passive mode

Additionally, enjoy some of the music already ripped from the alpha client:

Chocobo Theme

Something Else

Another thing

More can be found on this guy's page. Also, god Uematsu is fucking great.

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You can just search FFXIV alpha on Youtube and you'll find a lot of new gameplay videos.


Found someone with pretty much all of the dungeon themes that are as good if not better than Those Who Fight Further. http://www.youtube.com/user/Chidosengan88

There's some gameplay videos on there, the opening cutscene, and some more stuff. Too bad the guy who's been recording these videos got banned.

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potential complete job list:

PGL = Pugilist

GLA = Gladiator

EXC = Marauder (Mistranslation)

FNC = Fencer (Uses a Rapier)

ENF = Enforcer (Uses a Mace)

ARC = Archer

LNC = Lancer

MSK = Musketeer (Uses a Gun)

MYS = Mystic (Uses a Mystic Weapon)

THM = Thaumaturge

CON = Conjurer

ACN = Archanist (Uses an Archanist Weapon)

WDK = Woodworker

BSM = Blacksmith

ARM = Armorer

GLD = Goldsmith

WVR = Weaver

ALC = Alchemist

CUL = Culinarian

HRV = Harvester

FSH = Fisher

SHP = Shepherd

Huh = Tanner

Huh = Botanist

Huh = Miner

Huh = Marauder

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What's really great about that video is that they went back and reworked the combat system. The leaked alpha footage I watched a month or so ago did not inspire me with confidence.

The biggest problem I have with every bit of leaked footage is the players are all balls. They walk around for 20 minutes and can't figure out how to attack. I can't really form an opinion on (as spoony put it) "20 elves playing grab ass."

The ideas of the system sound fantastic, menu and atb driven combat similar to series regular battle system replacing cooldowns and autoswinging of stereotypical mmos. I just want square to show me a good group killing something.

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Release Date: September 30th 2010

Collector's Early Start: September 22nd 2010

Two versions at launch, $50 normal and $75 collector's edition

Collector's gets the following:

"An 8 day headstart.

A behind the scenes DVD with the obligatory documentary on the making of the game.

A travel journal with concept art pages in which players can document their in-game wanderings.

A fully personalized "Right of Passage" certificate.

FFXIV original tumbler.

Special cover illustrated by artist Yoshitaka Amano.

A FFXIV-branded security token for use with regular password."


An in-game item called the "Onion Helm."


Pre-orders for either version recieve the following glasses:


Special In-Game Item: Garlond Goggles (faster skill growth)

Characters created after redemption of the Item Code (included in the first shipment of the game) will all receive this special in-game item from the start.

Additionally a item redmeption code can get you Asuran Armbands. (I have no idea how to get this code, but it may be from registering your copy of FFXIII on the Square-Enix site.)


Increased Weapon and Tool affinity.


$12.99 per month

Additional Characters:

$3.00 per month

Retainer Characters: (Non playable characters used to store items / use as stores. AKA Mules)

$1.00 per month

Recommended Specs:

Windows XP/Vista/7

Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz or AMD Athlon X2 2GHz

2GB of RAM

15GB HDD space

NVIDIA GeForce 9600 512MB or ATI Radeon HD 2900 512MB

DirectX 9

Also, if you're waiting on the PS3 version it's not coming out until March 2011.

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This game could not be more confusing :( I was wanting something similar to either a Samurai or Ninja, and from the description the closest is the Pugilist, but it's just a monk starting out. My question is, do you get different weapons/skills? AKA will I ever get a katana or something besides knuckles? Only other thing was Gladiator and it just seemed like a pure Warrior, nothing else.

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I know, just realllllly hoping there is something like a samurai because that's what kept me hooked.

As far as I know, that's not happening right now. You'll have to wait for an expansion. Samurai, Ninja and Dragoon weren't even in the original FFXI.

Hell, before Zilart they didn't even have summons aside from carbuncle and the elementals.

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As far as I know, that's not happening right now. You'll have to wait for an expansion. Samurai, Ninja and Dragoon weren't even in the original FFXI.

True. I bought FFXI when it launched over here and it was the Zilart expansion then. This game's making me wanna play XI again...but then again I dunno if I should right now w/ 14 coming out.

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I got into the Beta for FF14. Anyone else?

No. :(

Least I know someone who did. The media for the game still hasn't left me with a clear idea if I want it or not. Share the nitty gritty with us. I'm eying the collectors edition like a hobo eying a sandwich.

This may be the first game I buy after my upgrade next month.

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The nitty gritty is that this game is confusing as hell!

No kidding. I did a quest and thought the layout was really nice and worked well, but getting TO the quest was extremely confusing. It's pretty streamlined when you're out on the field questing but in town they couldn't have been more vague.

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er...caps....fuck it. I am in Sephiroth, Kefka and Exedeath servers.

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