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The Flower Kings and King Crimson

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I really love both of these bands and feel that they are both hugely underrated and very talented. It makes me wonder why bands such as them are not as popular. They have both have great sounds, jazz influences, some rock, prog and just overall a great blend.

Maybe it's because of the length of the songs, both bands have ones that exceed 10 minutes commonly.

It especially confuses me since many of their songs I would think could actually get decent radio or TV play.

Oh well, people confuse me.

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I totally agree. I don't know masses about King Crimson but what I have heard leads me to believe that they should be up there with bands like Pink Floyd although I suppose they are far darker and more complex so that might put some people off.

As for The Flower Kings, I think a main reason that they are so underrated is the fact that they kind of joined the neo-prog thing in the 90s with a sound that quite clearly references Yes, Genesis and the classic prog bands a lot of the time. It could be that as the mainstream these days doesn't consider said classic prog bands 'cool' anymore they can't bear to even try and get modern prog bands that aren't making a conscious effort to blend in other genres that are 'cool' radioplay. For instance, Porcupine Tree and Dream Theater get radioplay because they have a modern edge while The Flower Kings still have a very 70s feel to them most of the time.

None of that actually matters of course. The Flower Kings are one of my absolute favourite bands but I just think that could be part of the reason that they are so under-rated and unheard of... Well, that and the name that would probably put off any potential 'trying to be cool' teenage fans :P

Some very good points, they definitely also have a lot of really cool themes. People either are pissed that all your music sounds the same or can't get into it at all if too much of it is weird and different.

I guess that's what makes me <3 The Flower Kings.

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Sure no one has said bad stuff about King Crimson, that's because I haven't heard people talk about them. The only person I knew for sure liked them was battle pope.

It just always confuses the hell outta me that the bands I like the most no one ever talks about. I mean, even indie bands you have a crowd of people who will know what the hell you're talking about.

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