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Cats are So Funny


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Ahhahaha, one time when I was living in Alberta, my dog Sandy came running out of the bush with something in her mouth. She looked so happy, and I was all "awww, whatcha got there, sweetheart?" Then when she got close to me I saw that it was a disgusting deer or cow leg or something shit, all bloody and sick, and I screamed and started running away from her, so she chased me all over the yard with it. I finally made it in the house and my mom met me at the door and was like, WTF Darcie, and I yelled at her and told her that the dog was finishing off her dinner. Hahaha. Ohhh I love Labs.

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LOL that's amazing Darcie.

Years back I was mowing the lawn and I went by a bunny nest and scared them out with out realizing it was there. They went into my dogs lair and he caught a baby :(

He then proceeded to play with it and lick it, except he weighed like 170 lbs and it was killed.

My dad had to get it away from him by luring him away with pepperoni.

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Dog Hijack:

When my dog was a puppy he got his head caught in a loop handle from a plastic supermarket bag, and ran around screaming because he thought the bag (and the small dish strainer within) was chasing him. He eventually got scared into the corner of a hallway, where he released a smelly dog gland all over the floor and the dishstrainer. He was a really cute puppy.

He is the doom hound now.

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