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Lestat: The Musical

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A musical about vampires should use minor chords. Apparently Sir Elton John disagrees.


That's my number one complaint after seeing this... production.

All of the music was standard broadway style, with a hint of Elton John smashed in there somewhere. The storyline felt like it was missing soooo much content that. It just kept putting up these "6 years later" signs, which made it feel like it was skipping over 6 years worth of plot.

The acting was fine (although actors don't do much actual acting in musicals) and the singing was good too, basically all of the problems originate from the script (written by the chick who did "beauty and the beast") and the music.

"I Want More" was really the only worthwhile song, and that's only because it's a 12 year old girl in frilly dress singing with brutal malice about her desire to consume human blood.

Seeing the musical did, however, remind me how cool vampires are (it also made me want to read more Anne Rice...).

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