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Hey dudes,

Any chance we can get that sub-forum set up? Currently we have 4 active LPs, with 2 more popping up soon and it's starting to crowd up the videogame forum. Plus it's hard to follow when the threads update as they get buried by videogame news and other stuff. That and 6 constantly moving threads that have only a vague connection to the forum is going to choke the life out of it. lol

Plus it'd be a great place to put FAQs and sticky some info that's useful to some of the newer guys who are just starting their LPs, which I'm hesitant to post now in the VG forum.

I'll totally love you forever. AMG.

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didnt we just have a thread about how many different forums there were?

Inactive ones. A LP subforum would probably be active. Like Gimpy said, we already have a couple active ones and two just wrapped up. I'm working on two new ones this week alone.

At least it would be more active then the WAR forum. :laugh:

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