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Accelerated Evolution

Apartment 5

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shitty idea given very little care, but that I can't stop trying to put into words for the better part of 8 years.

I think I've written the first page over 20 times by now.

The cold, damp night air weighed heavily upon me as I strained my eyes to discover the source of the noise that woke me from my slumber. Arcing my candle out in front of me, the light fought with the shadows to show me the contents of my one-room hut. Unable to find the source of the noise and unwilling to let myself forget what I heard, I slowly toured my room. Which, in retrospect was quite foolish to do. Whatever it was, I wasn't going to sneak up on it holding a candle.

Upon reaching the fur-skin door, I paused to survey the room one last time, my pile of treeweed I called a bed, began to slowly disintegrate into a pile of dust. My stack of parchment filled with hundreds of thoughts and ideas began to fold its self into little men and run off into different directions, grabbing whatever they could lift and disappear into the dark. All of my work clothes piled next to my bed dug themselves into the ground; I could not tell if it was the paper men or not, but I swore I heard the sound of joyous laughter coming from my clothes. Before I could watch more of the anarchy, a strong wind blew through the window and knocked the candle into my wall, and buried it a few inches in. The flame from the candle inside the wall cause the wall to glow a bright orange, I felt the room get colder with every pulse of the light.

When my eyes finally got accustomed to the light, my eyes were locked upon a horrible visage, filling what was once my room. The first thing I saw was its eyes, cold, glowing, blue eyes that, even as I shut my eyes, they burned through my eyelids. It was overbearing, hypnotizing me in a state of frozen terror, unable to move anything but my eyes, it almost felt like it was controlling me, telling me what to look at and when and for how long. After a long enough gaze into each others eyes, my eyes began to look over the rest of 'it'. Its body seemed to have water-like characteristics, freely able to morph its self into any kind of shape it desired, portraying an upside-down rain drop, more-so an attempt to make its self as intimidating as possible, however, everything considered, it really did not need to. There were different unrecognizable markings on its body, it appeared as if a few would slowly float up to the skins surface, only to sink back into its body, this seemed to happen constantly and with no real discernible pattern to them. However, three markings never left its skin, one on its head and one on each hand-like appendage.

After what seemed to be an eternity, it expanded to fill the room, crushing me against the wall. Fighting for each breath, I tried to find an exit from this hell. Pushing against the creature with my arm, its' skin offered some resistance until I broke through, in which my arm was completely engulfed within the body. Panicking, I thrust my other arm into the body in a fruitless attempt to free it, only ending with it being absorbed as well. Upon it claiming my arms, it began to swell its body even more, seemingly trying to burst its way out of this hut. With each pulse of its body, I felt my arms being stabbed with what seemed like millions of ice cold needles until every inch of my limbs were numb. Gasping, sweating, desperate, I thrashed my head all around screaming help as loud as possible, someone has to have seen or heard this by now. Soon as the last word left my mouth the pulsing stopped, feeling was slowly coming back to my limbs. My eyes looked up, the same blue eyes rushed from above me and met my eyes and began to burn their stare through me again. Then, from the depths of the creature, a bright lights began to glow and make its way to the surface. They seemed to make a ring around the pair of eyes, still locked in a gaze with mine, never blinking, never straying. I wanted to yell, I wanted to scream, I wanted to know why this was happening, why here, why me, but I could not get my mouth to open, I couldn't do anything. The glowing ring finally made its way to the surface, the symbols seemed different this time, almost like words. I blinked, I swear the ring said 'it's your turn, it's your time, it's been decided, it's you.' I blinked once more, the words changed again: 'you're welcome.'

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