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Accelerated Evolution

Mana Khemia


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I've had this game for awhile now, but I just never had the time to sit down and get into it.

I still don't have that sort of time. lol


I was fried with homework and decided that I needed some good ole rpg therapeutic relief.

This is a pretty fun game.

I bought it for the sole purpose of being able to vote (honestly) at the DL since this was a game that just got in and was getting tons of the characters in matches, but it's actually quite refreshing.

You are some kid in a school full of alchemist and you pretty much live out a semester at that school.

There are groups and rivals and all sorts of interesting characters all around campus and right now I am just getting into the game.

You also can create items via alchemy, and that is also the way yer characters gain stats. It's a pretty nifty (and prolly exploitable) system.

Good stuff. Anyone else played this game?

edit: currently in chpt. 2 on some free time!

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Some of the music in this game is piss poor gawd awful, but other tracks are really catchy and have a nice old school flair to them.

It's a love hate thing right now with the music.

and did I ever mention that I hate catgirls?

Like I fucking hate catgirls almost as much as I hate little girls in rpgs?

I hate them just slightly more then metrosexual males with midriff showing.

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Beat the game.

Decent, didn't have a typical ending, so that was refreshing.

Cast was fun.

Battle system was pretty neat and most boss fights had strategy involved, though nothing a good ole blitzing couldn't take care of. lol

Oh, I also got Flay's ending. Flay is awesome.

8/10 works for me right now

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