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Accelerated Evolution

Unfinished epic track from new galexia CD (goodbye Yngwie)


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Guitars in this song MELT WALLS.

expect the bass, tons of synths, eventually an electric Violin and vocals in finished product.

11:21 run time. titled PWN for the time being, tentative first track


Download here

riffing of the gods.

then the second track "Lowered Into The Ground"

9:32 run time.

02 - Lowered Into The Ground

All these songs may be longer with added bass solos, key solos, vocal parts without music or with piano, and Jordan Tetewski a master Violinist is coming to my house when he can fly here around mid to late july to lay down Violin on all the tracks from fast shredding violin to slow brooding textures.

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I might as well post the other demo I finished polishing up tonight, another that needs synths, vocals, bass.... but another awesome track, just under ten minutes. Jordan Tetewski an AMAZING electric Violinist is coming down in late july to record on most of the tracks, nothing like Violin shreding or slow dramatic violin during epic parts.

I'm still adding tons of Industrial parts over these tracks to really emphasis on the "Industrial Progressive Metal" tag. anyway heres 02 - Lowered Into The Ground a song written about one of my best friends who died last week, I spoke at her funeral which was really tough.


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