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I debated posting this in the pr0n section because of the slightly NSFW content, but it has to do with books. You probably shouldn't click the link if you're at work.

I recently read Fingersmith by Sarah Waters, which was an excellent Victorian-inspired crime novel. I recommend reading it if you love Victorian prose, lesbians, and phenomenal twists to the plot. I always Wiki books after I read them to gain a better knowledge, and see if I missed any references or whatever. Through a series of links, I discovered this website:



Back in the late 1800's, a mystery author known simply as "Walter," who was suspected as being a well-known erotic writer, Henry Spencer Ashbee, published these volumes of pornographic Victorian writing. If you're looking at the webpage, you can see examples of chapter names, such as "Into the Sperm" and "Hymenal Rupture," and a list of certain word occurences, such as "cunt" (5357 times) or "quim" (389 times).

It's completely fascinating to me, because I've always been interested in how conservative the Victorians were, and I love seeing this type of deviation.

And seriously, holy shit, it's pretty hilarious.

As for the NSFW factor, there aren't images that I have seen, but the terms are quite graphic and obscene and you might now want your employer catching you on that site.

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