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Accelerated Evolution

My "The Sims 3 Experiment" with being an abusive boyfriend!


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I grabbed the Iso to The Sims 3 compelled by the ability to go all around town and the new trait system. Huge list of traits to choose from, 5 you can choose for your character. I ofcourse chose Virtuoso, Flirty, Great Kisser *;)* , Athletic, and Party animal. The plan? to toy with an AI womans head in the worst ways possible. Lets see how it went.

First I met this innocent lady named Molly something or other, I chit chat with her flirting which easily raised her attention and then attraction to me, my sims character was starving and getting pissed off about it, but his penis controlled him more than his mind did so the flirting continued. Soon (about 10 minutes) we where making out in public, and ofcourse public massages (OF THE BACK) had been given back and forth (just like real life right?) and by the time I was done, I fucked the shit out of her twice. or.. in sims language "WooHoo'd her".

I began having her over everyday WooHooing her and sometimes taking her on dates but not spending shit because I have bills to pay and she should be paying them because her house is nicer, cheap bitch. Anyway, around ingame day 7 I decided to start the experiment. Start being completely rude, mean, abusive and disrespectful to her i n every way possible to lower our relationship status then once it falls repeat the lovey dovey process and win her back (Evil male mind games?)

I've tossed her mind around about 8 times already, bringing her to near neutral then having her desperately fall in love with me, let me also note that I "WooHoo'd" or "Fucked" about 4 or 5 other girls and right before I did it I called and invited her over so she'd walk in on it. I also enjoyed taking the meals she made and just putting them in the garbage for laughs. but basically, I found myself an AI version of one of those dumb girls that always goes back to the abusive boyfriend that cheats on them and has no respect for them. - This is something I never thought possible in a video game, but now I know...

It's fun to do. (Although in real life I would never... but in the wacky tacky world of the gobbly goop language speaking sims, its A-OK!, or in the language of my characyer "ZARBLEDOOPIE!")

*They need to make the sims more mature so I can make her swallow after giving me head and if she doesn't i'd get the option to slap her, or if she really pisses me off with it punch her in the face and break her nose, then ofcourse be all like "IM SORRY I LOVE YOU, YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU I NEVER EVER WANT TO HURT YOU I JUST SNAPPED". and an eventual police shoot out which leaves her, and 7 police officers dead, and as they are breaking through my house I blow my brains out qouting the original "Postal"s hero "I REGRET NOTHING"*

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