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Saddam Trial

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I have been watching this off and on for the past few months and its becomming nothing more than a joke. They have already changed judges once, and now a new defense team as well; the court seems to be bending over backwards for this man to try to make things look 'fair' for him.

Saddam has been using this trial as nothing more than a soapbox for his own views, and throws a tantrum like a child whenever he is given the chance. The man complains about everything possible in any attempt to drag out the proceedings by any means necessary.

I'm all for the fair treatment of the accused but there comes a time when you just have to say enough is enough and send the child to a timeout. They've let him take over the entire courtroom and its process, and let him stop everything just so he can spout of his rhetoric. Otherwise, I don't see this thing ending in the next 5 years.

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No Blood For Oil! No Blood For Oil! No Blood For Oil! No Blood For Oil! No Blood For Oil!


(Screems: Running: blood)

sorry just remenicing about a protest few years back.

at lest when this is all done with there wont be a case of a mis trial because they gave him anything and everything that he asked for.

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Of course he is trying everything that he can to derail the proceedings. It is near impossible to think that this court will find Saddam innocent. One of main reasons that he is not being tried in international court, but by this Iraqi tribunal, is so that at the end they can kill him. As far as im concerned, let him do anything he can to show the illegitimacy or anything else he can in order to preserve his own life, every one is entitled to that…

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