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So, I had just gone to the store and before I left my house I went to throw on some cologne when I realized my stash was getting low.

I then proceeded to go to the mall and buy a new cologne that wasn't on the market yet, because I do enjoy going back to some of the oldies and goodies, but a new smell is always nice and refreshing.


I used to have a large list of different bottles, but now my list is down to only a few;




Maximum (lol cheap stuff that I wear to work.)

and ...Eros? I don't think this is even considered cologne anymore. I smells like pure gasoline. It's been hidden for what appears to be a LONG time now. lol

My vials of Code and Curve are gone which saddens me.

Code is just the bomb, prolly my favorite of the grouping. Curve was my high school cologne and...it got me no pussy, so fuck Curve. (it got compliments though!)

The Cool Water seems to have evaporated in my car which stinks.

I went out and bought some D&G, this new type they are coming out with that their line is based off the tarot cards and I picked up the first bottle which was the magician brand or something. (renamed the seducer I think.)

I initially went looking for this cologne called Sexual because my cousin told me it smelled great and he was getting a lot of positive feedback from the ladies while wearing it, but no store I went to had it.


I'm always down to try a new scent.

Then the thought came to me: "I wonder if any of those lamers on AE wear cologne?"

So, do any of you guys wear cologne on a daily basis? Or do you run around town and go for the "I smell like shit because I am an otaku and I don't have to bathe" aroma?

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