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PETA asks Phish to change name to Sea Kitten


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What could be more cuddly than Phish?

Four hippie rockers, made in Vermont, who inspire hugs, happiness and good times in their hordes of devoted fans.


Apparently, they’re not cuddly enough for PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

The organization wants Phish to change its name — for this weekend’s shows in Wisconsin — to Sea Kitten.

In this way, people might come to view fish the way they see cats and dogs, as smart and sensitive animals worthy of care and protection, said Ashley Byrne, a PETA senior campaigner based in Washington, D.C.

“We felt that fish needed an image overall,” she said of the animals, not the band. “They don’t receive the sympathy of the more cuddly animals. We thought that by rebranding fish as sea kittens, they might receive the compassion they deserve.”

Since October, PETA has asked numerous organizations and entities with fish in their name to change it to sea kittens, Byrne said.

She does not know how many requests have been made, but no one has made the sea change to sea kitten, she said.

Phish becoming Sea Kitten would be a big catch for PETA.

“We were hoping that if Phish would become Sea Kitten, the band’s legions of fans would start using the word Sea Kitten to describe Phish, and fewer of these sea animals would be violently used for food,” Byrne said. “Hooking a fish through the mouth and dragging it out of the water is really the same as hooking a dog through the mouth and dragging him behind your car.”

Phish is on the road and could not be reached for comment. The band is scheduled to play in landlocked Wisconsin tonight and Sunday — as Phish.

The tour schedule lists the performers as Phish, not Sea Kittens.

PETA is just bitter that they aren't getting enough news time lately. So, they do something stupid and it somewhat works.

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"In this way, people might come to view fish the way they see cats and dogs, as smart and sensitive animals worthy of care and protection..."

Except, fish aren't smart, sensitive animals. I'm pretty sure that their nervous systems aren't advanced enough for those sorts of qualities.

Oh, and Phish loose tons of points for pretending they were the E. Street Band, and a ton more if they actually listen to these misguided people.

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Not only do I not give a shit but I would gladly eat fish and say, "Goddamn! This is some tasty fucking sea kitten!"

And Phish is shitty jam band bullshit.

This, plus if someone cooked cat for me I would probably eat it. I've heard it's kinda stringy and gross but I'll try a lot of crazy shit once (I don't say "anything" anymore... not since... the accident).

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