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stuff you put on your face



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i just finished shaving and started to think about all the crazy stuff i put on my face and was wondering if other people are as enslaved to cosmetic companies as i am

list of things

-soap (i use this on more than just my face :eyebrows: )

-acne scrub

-shaving cream

-after shave

-acne wash cleanser, slightly different from the other stuff, although i don't know how

on a side note: i checked to "public poll" box, but in not sure what it does

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Hmm I don't really put anything on my face except for soap when I wash it. I don't shave my face smooth anymore and only occasionally use a facewash when I get small breakouts now and then from work (fucking oil). But since I've been growing my beard out, I've got a nice layer of hair armor going so there's no need. character0094.gif

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I always use soap in the shower, and when I get out I use lotion to moisturize. Sometimes I use more than one type of lotion if I forget that I already used it, or if I want a multitude of delicious smells on me. Sometimes I wear a light layer of foundation. Usually just two things though.

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