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Get Paid to Play Games?


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Go to the site, I'm sure there are plenty of these online. It's just the first one I clicked when I did a google search.


They want money from me which turns me off instantly, but then again I wouldn't be posting here unless I was somewhat curious.

So....what say ye all?

How valid are these sites, if at all?

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Paying money in exchange for just the hope of getting paid money back?

Yes, that's a scam. Game companies have their own street teams and QA departments.

EDIT: Ah, okay.

game companies looking for survey takers and beta testers.

It's the usual "complete a number of surveys and get x (usually $20) amount at the end of the month" scam that a million other sites have.

Just a quick run down on how this works, you sign up, give them money in exchange to take surveys (most places don't even ask for money) which lead you on endless loops of clicks to different sites, both sites get a ridiculous amount of hits just based on you and a few other people, and at the end of this 20-40 min survey you're credited about 30¢-75¢ at best. Most of the surveys you'll find that you're not eligible to take or have already done.

But they'll put you in a few loops before telling you that because they get more hits that way.

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