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Federer wins wimbledon

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I'm rather pissed that murray didn't make it to the finals.

It was such an awesome year of tennis and while I hate myself for saying this would things have been different is Nadal was playing this year? Most likely. I don't want to take anything away from federer because he played absolutely amazing. I could totally see Federer winning atleast 3 more grand slams.

I mean stat wise Federer is technically the greatest tennis player ever. But you look at the young talent out there today. I mean the 18/19 year olds playing on professional levels I say in about 8 or so years I see Federer's records being broken. Players are just getting better and better.

Although I just wanna say this my highlights of Wimbledon this year wasn't Federer it was how amazingly hard Haas and Hewitt both played players that alot of people consider to be over the hill and to achierve what they did this year was truly amazing. Haas making a semi and hell nearly all of Hewitt's games and his sheer determination and never say die attitude.

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When Federer notches his 20th Grand Slam in 2011 or 2012, then he'll be the greatest ever.

But yeah, the young talent in tennis is getting infinitely better each generation. I don't know if we're headed towards having someone completely dominate the sport like Federer again, but we could be headed to a scenario where there's 4-5 guys who are all at the very top of their game and all equally as good as Federer is now.

Think though, without Roger you have Roddick, Hewitt, and Safin all with probably 4 or 5 Slams. Nadal has a few more, though since he came along late the other three all had a few years to dominate the sport. Now Federer, who is still clear above everyone besides Rafa, could start preventing young guys like Murray from winning a few Slams early in their careers. It's unbelievable. Everyone who has been in the top 5-6 of tennis in the last 6 years needs an asterik reminding us that they unfortunately played during an era when tennis was completely dominated in a fashion only done by Laver.

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I was also really surprised at how terrible Djorkovic played this year. I honestly don;t think he even should have made it to the quarters. But I'm really glad he lost as I think he is a massive fucking douche.

If Murray managed to maintain a quality level of playing he would be such a bigger threat. You look at Federer who always plays amazing tennis and if you beat him you know you have gone above and beyond and maybe got a little bit of luck. I think the only person who is truly matched in federer'sa talent is Nadal. But coming back to Murray who has beat both Nadal and Federer when he plays on his top form but his matches this year had his performance looking like your average cumulative frequency graph.

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