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Let's Play Bullet Philharmonic Orchestra

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So, a while ago, I came across the site Acid-Play and was browsing it one day and came across Bullet Philharmoic Orchestra. It's a really cool bullet-dodging game similar to Psyvariar, but you can't die. What you do is you put in your own songs and it generates bullet patterns for you to dodge and combo on for points based on the song it plays. My interpretation of the way it works is as follows:

Songs: Based on the song the game choose, the bullet patterns will vary. I assume more intense songs will have more bullets and less intense ones will have less (for instance, DragonForce versus Pink Floyd). When I read about the game, it said it took mp3s, but I've always had to convert to WAV to get it to work. Maybe it's just how my songs are encoded, but I dunno.

Points: I mentioned Psyvariar for a reason. In Psyvariar (at least I think it was Psyvariar) you can spin your ship and bounce off of bullets for "buzz." The more you get, the higher your score goes or something. When playing BPO, you generate buzz by letting bullets touch the green circle around your red dot. If a bullet hits the red dot, though, your combo breaks and you build it up again. You do not die.

Movement: You can move in all directions, and holding in "z" makes you move slower.

As for what songs I'll be playing? That's up to you guys. I've played 2 songs by Catch 22 (Point the Blame and Keasbey Nights) as a demo, but I want you guys to suggest songs to me (and link me to mp3s so I don't have to go searching at some random corner of the Internet for them) and I'll try to score as high as I can.

My Choices: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVITdgtY4Tk&layer_token=c12ad97359a8df7c

The game can be found here for free.

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Sounds good on paper, but to be honest the video makes it look like the game acts independently of the music and randomly throws bullets at you whenever it feels like it.

Or maybe it's just the music you chose, I dunno. I'm gonna fire this up later tonight and see if I can produce any results that look like more than just random bullet scratching with a custom soundtrack.

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Well, while I have absolutely no idea how it determines where, what and when to fire based on the song, I do recall a part during Point the Blame where the guy plays the same little bit of something three times in a row (I think it's a solo) and each time he played it, the game shot a giant circle of bullets at me, as if he played the bullets. What I'm saying is that the same pattern was played 3 times and each time, there was an "attack" that coincided with it, and each attack was essentially identical.

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