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Atlantica Online - Ghost Ship of the Caribbean


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(AE: sup ae, this is the thread i mentioned i would make which nobody objected to. hoo-ray)


Good mornin' Nation, welcome to our guide/information base on Nation Dungeons, specifically the Ghost Ship of the Caribbean (we'll worry about the Tower of Babel once we stomp the Ghost Ship :))

I want to cut down on the amount of time that has to be spent organizing everything and explaining everyone their role in the ND, so I wrote this up this guide that should hopefully explain everything. I have not decided on a time for the Nation Dungeon yet, but I am thinking either Sunday night or Wednesday night would be best.

If you have anything you want to add, experiences, suggestions, corrections, let me know here or in-game.

The current planned time for ND is:

Wednesday July 15th, 9PM Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8), Midnight Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5), 9AM Thursday in France (GMT+1)

(9 hours before the stamina reset)

Not sure what time Pacific Standard Time is? Go here for the current time: Pacific Standard Time

Stuff we need to do/get:

- Everybody needs to get GSC so that we can use Zhaos' VoIP server. Get it at: getGSC, then whisper me/zhaos for details

- Find a 9th and 10th guild to beef up our roster

- Guild leaders! We need to put you guys to work :p

The bare requirements to come along for this dungeon:

Attackers: fast computer, decent mount, very well equipped, Lv100+

Defenders: Lv95+, very well equipped and tough frontline, experience preferred

Sweepers: Lv95+, strong frontline and high damage output, good equipment

Clearers: Lv90+ and very well equipped

ind90 and ind94 are good for seeing if you are capable of going (the monsters there are pretty similar to ND's monsters). If you can easily solo 90 (I say easily because ND will throw far more monsters at you at once) you can probably clear, 94 and you can probably sweep.

If you already know how ND works, just scroll to the bottom to the player roster. If you don't, feel free to read on...

Why do the Nation Dungeon?

The main motivation for doing the Ghost Ship of the Caribbean is... well, money. That and Pirates. At the Ghost Ship of the Caribbean, you can get lots of wonderful prizes, all of which are necessary to getting yourself a shiny new Pirate:

- Pirate Treasure Box. (Dropped by most enemies, and given as reward if we finish the entire dungeon) These are worth more than Freezing Equipment Boxes on the market (well, at least they were). If you want Torn Pirate Flags, you'll have to either buy one or open a ton of these boxes to get one.

- Torn Pirate Flag. (Obtained from Pirate Treasure Box) Well, these used to be rare and valuable, but the event has handed out tens of these to desperate newbies who want a quick buck... you can still get maybe 10-30mil for one of these. Hopefully once the event ends they'll go back to their usual 65-75mil price. You need two Torn Pirate Flags to do the Pirate Recruiting quest.

- Davy Jones' Heart. (Dropped by the dungeon boss, Davy Jones) We'll only get two of these, only if we get far enough to fight Davy Jones, and there's a slim chance he'll drop something else instead. One Davy Jones' Heart is needed for the Pirate Recruiting quest, and due to the rarity I just told you about, these babies typically sell for 500-900mil each.

(If we do get Davy Jones' Hearts, they will probably be kept in warehouse and given to the first two who get the other items for the Pirate Recruiting quest. Either that or sold and we will split the money between all the ND participants lol

Do keep in mind that the Nation Dungeon does not give you EVERYTHING you need to recruit a Pirate, you also need to obtain a Shiny Soul Stone from an independant mercenary (or buy it off the market for like 500mil+))

There's also bragging rights involved. We get to say that we are at least better than all those new nations that haven't cleared Ghost Ship >_>

So what's so hard about it?

For starters, Ghost Ship is a 7-char dungeon. You will need to pick 2 Mercenaries you don't need and disable them.

On top of boasting Lv100 monsters in massive numbers and demanding a well equipped lv95+ party, the Nation Dungeon is different from any other dungeon in the game. It was designed keeping in mind that you can have anywhere from 20 to 500 people going to ND.

The goal of the dungeon is no longer just to obliterate every monster in sight with a final boss at the end before time ends. There is a new fail condition: we will also fail if our allied Gate is killed by enemy monsters.

This is how it basically goes...

There are two starting maps, the Pirate Ship's Grave, and the Ghost Town. Pirate Ship's Grave is full of octopi and Mimics - all the Mimics need to be killed in order for the starting map to be considered clear.

Over in Ghost Town, there is our friendly Gate, an enemy Gate, Guard Towers, and a ton of mobs. The Enemy Gate will spawn monsters and send them after our Gate. The Guard Towers increase the attack power of the Enemy Gate as long as they are alive. All monsters in Ghost Town need to be killed in order for the starting map to be considered clear.

If our Gate falls, we fail the dungeon. We clear both floors and we move onto the next one, and so on and so on until we reach the final floor.

It becomes possible for us to fail ND in as little as 5 minutes (it's been done before). Because of that, we have to become slightly more organized....

Each party that is going into ND will be given a specific role and task that they need to do.


The defenders are tasked with keeping the gate alive and well. If the Gate falls, we fail the entire dungeon... so this task is very important and the people who will be defending need to be absolutely sure what they are doing.

The Defenders need to be fairly powerful, as they need to be able to control a fight against the Ghost Town mobs in a group of TWO.

Basically the defenders will sit BEHIND the Gate and avoid getting aggroed. Once a monster walks up to the gate and attacks it, then and ONLY then will the defenders move forward, and join the Gate in battle. (which is why they must be a group of 2, a group of 3 won't be able to join the Gate's battle)

As long as the Gate is in battle, no other enemy groups can attack it. What the defenders must do is make every single battle last as long as possible - avoid wiping out all the mobs, make every turn last as long as possible, and heal the Gate and keep it at full health.

You don't want to wipe out all the mobs because then the Gate will quickly kill all of them, bringing the battle to an end much sooner... though you also don't want to make the Gate do all the work because the mobs will kill the Gate that way. Find the right balance, you want there to be few mobs so that you can undo whatever damage they do, but you also want there to be more mobs so that the battle lasts longer.

Prolonging the battle protects our Gate (instead of fighting 3 full groups by itself, it's fighting weakened groups and you are also there taking hits for it and healing it) and buys time for the rest of us to do what we need to do.

There will typically be two groups of Defenders (or a Sweeper nearby who can quickly come in and take over). The second will act as a backup, in case the first one gets aggroed as soon as they come out of battle or for whatever reason fails at joining the Gate's battle.


The attackers will likely be the strongest of the people who are going to ND. Their job is to advance ahead and attack the Enemy Gate - as long as the Enemy Gate is alive, it will continue to spawn monsters and send them at the defenders. The sooner the Enemy Gate dies, the sooner monsters stop spawning, which takes pressure off our Defenders and cuts down how many mobs we need to kill to finish the floor.

Attackers need to have a fast mount, a fairly fast computer (the sooner you load, the sooner you'll get to the Gate), and be geared to kill monsters as fast as possible. This hopefully means they will all be packing Griffons, Blessing Potions/Licenses, and using scrolls in case of emergencies.

There will be an enemy Gate in the Ghost Town, and several towers (I think there are two?). Surrounding each of these will be an extremely massive group of mobs, all of which will immediately chase after you and try to aggro the instant you come close.

Towers increase the attack power of the Gate as long as they are alive, and so it is necessary that we take out the Towers first, and then take out the Gate (it's possible to just go straight for the Gate, but the Gate will one hit KO your mercs even with 16k HP and 22k+ defence).

Focus on Gates/Towers when you are attacking them. Though they hit very hard, they're pretty frail themselves (compared to Lv100+ bosses, anyway...) and the sooner you can remove them from the battlefield, the better.

Once you've come out of battle with a Tower, you will likely get attacked instantly by that massive group of mobs I mentioned earlier. Before we do ND, you may want to determine who in your Attacking group is the fastest loader and designate him as the attacker (who focuses on getting into battle with the right enemy next instead of healing after battle)

The Attacker group will also be the one who fights Davy Jones. Please ask me for Item Info on Davy Jones' True Form and Basic Info on Incarnation of Davy Jones, if you don't have it already.

Once Attackers have killed the enemy Gate, work together with Sweepers to start clearing out the floor.

Aside from that, there's not really much to say about this. Pretty simple.


Clearers and Sweepers focus on clearing out all the mobs in the dungeon.

Clearers will stay in Pirate Ship's Grave and focus on clearing out the Octopi, and leave the dungeon once Pirate Ship's Grave is clear (I'm offering this position for those who want to contribute to ND in whatever way they can, even if it's just killing Octopi... if you are strong enough to keep going, please apply as a Sweeper instead).

Sweepers will move onto Ghost Town and focus on clearing out those mobs. Simple.

CLEARERS: Every battle creates more mobs. When you fight a start a battle against Octopi, they will spawn two new groups who will attack you and reinforce that group. Unlike usual reins everywhere else in the world, these new groups will NOT disappear if you get wiped out.

If you aren't able to handle the monsters here, please leave. As it says above, the new groups created by battle do not disappear if you get wiped, and dying in Pirate Ship's Grave simply creates more work for the rest of us.

Only groups that have Mimics count towards the monsters that need to be killed to finish the floor. If you have a Patrol License, you can use that to avoid going into battle with groups that don't have Mimics. It's not important though, and chances are someone else is going to end up killing that group anyway.

SWEEPERS: Do not stay in the middle of Ghost Town and kill groups there. You can be far more helpful to the cause by helping out our Defenders (by sweeping up groups near our Gate) or helping out our Attackers (by sweeping up groups near the enemy Gate).

Once the Ghost Ship is cleared, the next floor will start and monsters will start spawning there. HOWEVER, we will not be allowed to the next floor if Pirate Ship's Grave is still not clear. As we make more progress in Ghost Ship, some groups will need to fall back to Pirate Ship's Grave and make sure that Pirate Ship's Grave will be clear before Ghost Ship.

In order to ensure the above happens, DO NOT ATTACK THE LAST MOB IN GHOST SHIP. Keep it alive until we have confirmation that Pirate Ship's Grave is complete. (Keep in mind that Damp Cabin will open up the instant that group dies, and so whoever fights it will also be the last to arrive at Damp Cabin)

Enemy Monsters

But enough about us, now for some info on the monsters we're fighting.


The Pirate Ship's Grave has just three monsters - Mimics, Green Octopus, and Sandy Octopus.

Both Octopi are Bow-types, and Mimics don't have a physical attack, so there isn't really anything special you should do to your formation. Drop anyone who can't take an arrow to the face and bring your power hitters.

Monster               Attack Type           ATK Value             Magic?

Sandy Octopus         Bow-type              3556 - 4135           None

Green Octopus         Bow-type              3833 - 4349           Vortex

Mimic                 Sword-type            0 - 0                 Freezes your entire formation for 2 turns

ghostshipghost.jpg Ghost Ship also has four monsters. Again, there are Mimics, and then there are Forgotten Warriors, Forgotten Wizards, and Ancient High Priests. Forgotten Warriors are Axe types, and the other two are Staff types. A strong frontline is very important here, as all of these enemies have to go through your front row before they can attack your rear rows. You may want to consider using a formation that will lessen the damage from Axe attacks, and ranged/melee damage dealers in the back since Wizards/Priests highly resist magic. The formation I've used is: Lady Knight - Witch - Northern Viking Main Maniac - Empty - Prophet Oracle - Empty - Janissary

Monster               Attack Type           ATK Value             Magic?

Forgotten Warrior     Axe-type              3644 - 4746           Fatal Strike

Forgotten Wizard      Staff-type            2300 - 4200           Meteor Strike       Has extremely high Magic Defence

Ancient High Priest   Staff-type            4222 - 5437           Healing             Has extremely high Magic Defence

Mimic                 Sword-type            0 - 0                 Freezes your entire formation for 2 turns

Damp Cabin has six different types of monsters and one miniboss... though they are essentially just six variations of the same two monsters (and Mimics). :p There will be Axe-types and Bow-types, so... your same formation from Ghost Ship should fly here. Keep your eyes out for Red Flying Fish, because those jerks will use Self-Destruct if you weaken them but don't finish them off. Though these ATK numbers seem extremely high, remember that these monsters will be weakened by the "book of magic power" that we received for clearing Pirate Ship's Grave.

Monster                 Attack Type           ATK Value             Magic?

Ancient Beast           Axe-type              25975 - 26626         None

Brutal Ancient Beast    Axe-type              25701 - 26972         Beast Summon

Forgotten Monster       Axe-type              25493 - 26401         Shocking Blow         (miniboss)

Flying Fish             Bow-type              3800 - 4532           Vortex 

Glittering Flying Fish  Bow-type              5040 - 6727           None

Red Flying Fish         Bow-type              5292 - 6928           Self-Destruct

Mimic                   Sword-type            0 - 0                 Freezes your entire formation for 2 turns

And, well, if we get any further that that it's all up in the air because info is hard to find. I would hope that if we clear Damp Cabin, the rest of the dungeon should be more or less the same thing. Current Roster Lemme know in-game or here if you're up to do the ND and what groups you think you would be able to do. We still haven't decided on a time yet, but lemme know if you are willing to do one if you are free. Remember, the bare requirements: Attackers: fast computer, decent mount, very well equipped, Lv100+ Defenders: Lv95+, very well equipped and tough frontline, experience preferred Sweepers: Lv95+, strong frontline and high damage output, good equipment Clearers: Lv90+ and very well equipped People who are already on the list are people I want to show up, though some of you I will want to see in battle/see your formation first :p You do not need to already be on the list to go! I'd like to aim for 40 people in attendance, which is enough for 12 sweep/attack groups and 2 defend groups.

Name                  Level         15th?        12th?            notes

Sweets                112           yes          yes              slow loader

Ryorin                104           yes          ???              lag issues, will be in group of 2 w/ mattie

MattieXuun            100           yes          ???              lag issues, will be in group of 2 w/ ryorin

Zhaos                 106           yes          yes              prefers 10pm or later

Azeroth               101           yes          yes              lag issues, will be on cleaner team

Richuk                 98           no           yes              prefers earlier times              

KillJill               98           no           yes              prefers earlier times

TheRock               100

Alloy                  96           ???          no

Mahoushi              101           ???          maybe

Fenril                107

Charlie               103           maybe        ???              hasn't gotten back to me yet

Kylara                103           maybe        yes              need to ask later about time

Volstagg               98           ???          no

Kesh                  104

Umbra                 106           yes          yes              still weakened from inding mercs

sabryel               100

H0use                 101           yes          maybe            

Junglizst             101           yes          yes

Sido                   97           yes          yes

Polluted               96           ???          yes              prefers to be grouped with guild member

Yoji                   97            no           no

Azalin                 97

Elite                 100           ???          yes

Krobelus              102           ???          yes              still weakened from inding

Orc                   104

tesra                 103           yes?         yes?             will be grouped with jinrokh + 1 other

jinrokh/jinrawke       98/101       yes          yes              will be grouped with tesra + 1 other

XIceMan                97           ???          yes              has had lagout problems specifically with ghost ship

Yphigenie             109           yes          yes              will be on attack team with zhaos and Azare

AzMaldor               97           ???          no               in the future, would prefer that we start at 12PM PST

Azare                 101           ???          ???              will be on attack team with zhaos and yphi

Woda                   96

Current teams will look something like

Attackers - Zhaos, Sweets, ????

Defenders #1 - Junglizst, ????

Defenders #2 - Yphigenie, ????


1 - 

2 - 

3 - 

4 - 

5 - 

6 - 

Edited by David
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Hmmz sweets got to 112 in like 1 month? I don't know he levels to fast D:. Anyways we are on the newest server: Delphi. Sweets is my Co-Leader of Revelation Guild, and we lead Anarchy nation. I am going out of town for a week+ so I get to see the start of probably the best idea I have ever seen >.>. This totally beats my way of trying to organize a nation dungeon :D. Way to go :D You better clear it :D

edit: I gave junglizst info + instructions for a new vent. Its just a temp fix for now, but it will work for a while. I also sent you a mail with info, but talk to jung to get it if you need help.

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