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Upcoming Events and constant thinking


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Okay for the past few days, I have been doing nothing but worrying/thinking about how Summer is almost over and I'll have to go back to school again.

Starts back August 3. Yes, I know that's early to some but we get out in late May.

Anyway, I still have 3 or so weeks left, yet I'm already worrying about it! It's not worrying about grades or anything, it's the thought of instead of sleeping in until 12-1 PM, I'm at school from 8-3, 5 days a week, and having to go to bed around 10 PM. That same grind will be back, all over again, until the next summer.

What can I do to stop worrying about it so much? It's making me feel miserable and I don't even have the interest to do anything. If it keeps on doing this to me, I'll end up wasting the rest of the summer.

If I think hard about it, 3 weeks is a long time left considering that summer is only about 8 weeks or so, meaning almost half of it is still left.

In short, I get this feeling every year around this same time and I don't know what I can do to stop it. Feels already like school is back just because of the atmosphere.

Edit: And just so you all know I'll be a sophomore this year.

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seriously? Dude if you are sleeping in till 12-1 pm then you are already wasting your summer away. My suggestion? Dont worry about it. Summers come and summers go. Soon enough youll be having a job all summer and constantly working anyway. High School was by far one of my happier times, mind you i didnt realize that till i graduated. But by your senior year it kinda hits you that HS is awesome and chances are you will never get this kind of stress free, innocent interaction with people your own age and you will look forward to going to school if just for that.In university and college its not quite the same , everyone is worried about grades and marks.

PS: Think about it, 8-3 is 7 hours. 3-10 is 7 hours , you have just as much free time out of school as you do in school . And ask your mom to stay up later. Show her your mature and can handle staying up and hour later or something.

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What else am I gonna do? Nothing to do in this town. I can only sit on the computer or play a game for so long until I bore myself to tears.

Last summer I woke up at like 7-9 AM everyday, and I'm never doing that again. I am not a big fan of waking up early. I would if I saw some benefit to it. If there were a reason to get up early, that is.

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Don't study in High School. lol

Seriously I never did and graduated with a 4.0 weighted.

I mean, you can study, but that takes up precious time you could be spending with friends or bitches.

I on the other hand had a job my junior and sophomore year, so I wasted that extra study free time making minimum wage. lol

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I never study for anything. Sometimes I do but that's like maybe once every 3 months during school.

My main question is, how can I stop becoming such a depressed kid everytime school starts to come back around? I waste my last part of the break doing it.

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That happened to me every year in school. Since I've been in college I've just been taking summer classes to graduate faster and avoid the weird sense of school/not school that creates.

Then again, in college I actually get excited for the new term to start, because I'm actually learning interesting things and genuinely like going to school, unlike when I was in high school.

(random note: I'm so glad I didn't grow up on that schedule. August 3rd is my birthday and I'd be so pissed if I had to go to the first day of school on my birthday).

Just don't get worried about it. Do what's fun no matter what, whether you're in school or not. Consider that the majority of your life thus far has been spent "in" school, not during the summer, so most of everything awesome or fun or whatever that you've done has been during the summer. At least, that's how it was for me.

I can't really agree with Indie here about high school being awesome, because there's a lot of bullshit, but whatever. Everyone has to do it and really it's not that bad. There's no reason you can't enjoy it.

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I agree with Indie. Make the most of your high school years. What's to worry about? You don't actually have to do most of the silly assignments anyway. You get to see your friends every day. You don't have to worry about not getting homework done because of how much you work, you probably have no bills. High school is the last easiest, most stress free thing you will deal with in life. And this is coming from someone who moved every 2 years, which meant new schools, new friends, and I was severely depressed. With all that, I still look back and wish it was how it used to be then.

You're worrying over nothing.

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Do something long and time consuming. I ride my bike all day when I'm bored, I know someone who walks all the time, and of course I know a few people who tinker with things (cars, computers, things that go boom, etc.) If you like reading, go to a bookstore or library, if you like gaming hang out at a game store. The point is, find something you like and do it, and failing that, try random things until you decide you like one of them.

The other strategy is to stop worrying. High school can rock if you figure things out. I sort of figured out my junior year and by the end of senior year I realized how awesome HS could be. It's an excuse to hang out with your friends all day long. I know some schools have harsher rules that make it more difficult, but at most places if you figure out the right way, it really is just a way to hang out. I know that right now it may not seem like that, but it can be.

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get a job and stop depending on your parents to buy everything for you.

Or, put nicely, if you get a job, you'll find a routine similar to your school schedule, and you'll make money in addition, too. You won't be bored because you'll always have something to do, and when school starts up, you'll have a bunch of pocket money for video games, buying girls lunch, etc.

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