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Need Some Job Related Advice

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I work part time (3 shifts, 15rs a week) at the public library. I've been there for 3 years, and I love my job and everyone I work with. The problem is that I do not make enough money. I've been borrowing money from my boyfriend and making late bill payments and skipping meals to make it work.

I started looking for a second job. I got hired last week at a hotel, front desk. I work 4 shifts a week, but they want me on 5 starting ASAP. It's good there so far, I enjoy it, and the hours are fantastic. I needed another job because I can't afford to live on 15 hours a week. I've had 4 shifts so far at the hotel, and I like it and I believe it will work out. Jobs are really hard to come by right now, this was lucky.

If you do the math, I am working 7 days a week. My last day off was on LAST Monday. If I don't quit the library, my next day off will be July 30th. That's 23 days straight I will be working. That is going to kill me.

I guess what I am asking is if I should quit the library. I mean, my mom said not to in case this new job doesn't work out. They are offering me full time though, starting in two weeks, to allow me time to give my notice at the library. I'm afraid to quit because I have been there for so long, but at the same time, I cannot keep working these two jobs.

Should I take the chance, and keep going at the hotel, full time, and quit the library because I don't need it anymore? My mom is convinced that if something goes wrong I'll be screwed, but what she doesn't understand is that I am at the point where I HAVE to make more hours, or I will be fucked. If this job turns out to be shitty, it's not like I could quit it, and go back to just the 15 hours. I can't do that, it's not enough, so I think that I should commit to the hotel, and give up the library.

I guess I'm afraid that I'll be making the wrong choice. I mean, of course it's going to be hard to leave somewhere that I love, but I feel I have no choice. Should I listen to my mom, and keep the library, just in case? I mean, it will screw over the hotel, because they NEED me full time right now, which I can't do with the two jobs, so I told them that if they are offering me the full time, I would be willing to quit the library because I wouldn't need it.

I hope I made sense. I'm feeling scattered and scared so I might have just rambled. Umm. I'll tell you what I think I will do. Tonight, when I go into work, I will give my notice. I should. The reason I am hesitating is probably due to my fear of leaving for good. I think. Sorry. I'm not making sense. It's a bad day.

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