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Hank III Live Report 7/15/2009


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So, I've been without the internet and news for a few weeks. With that time, I spent moving stuff out of the apartment and into the new house the family and I moved to. When the cable came on, I finally caught up on the news to learn that people still haven't moved on from Michale Jackson's death and there was more drama. Walter Cronkite has passed (Rest in peace good sir.) and Obama's numbers are going low. So, what was the highlight? Other than trying to get into Avatar, I managed to catch a Hank III show.

For those who don't know, Hank III is indeed the son of Hank Williams Jr. and grandson of Hank Williams Sr. The thing is he looks and sounds more like his grandfather, the only difference in appearance is the tattoos he has on his body. His music leans towards traditional country much like his grandfather. Despite this, he started off in hard punk bands playing drums.

The doors didn't open at 8 PM and show didn't start until 9, but since I pre-ordered my tickets, I had to show up and get some sort of pass in. The venue was small and rather run down looking, but it was good enough. I made it early enough to catch Hank and Lucky in person.

Two other fans and I were hanging around the tour bus behind the venue, talking it up with the performers. Lucky Tubb, great nephew of country legend, Ernest Tubb, was opening the show and managed to grab a picture with. Pretty cool guy. It's my first time seeing him, I told him.

One of the concertgoers that was with me was underaged and the show was an 18 and above show only. Feeling bad, Lucky Tubb gave him a free album and signed it for him. And by the looks of it, he managed to persuade some of the security to get the kid inside the show for free it seems. Now that's treating your fans.

Hank seemed a little busy, but I manned up and asked if I can get an autograph. He said sure and asked for a pen and began to sign my copies of his albums. I joked around a little and asked if I was the first Asian to show up. He took the question seriously and answered it politely anyway. "Well, you're not the first. You will be surprised. There are Asians, Hawaiians, and Mexicans that show up to my shows. And on a rare occasion, Africans too." Two photos of us throwing the horns. We wished him luck and off he went for soundcheck.

Show started at 9 and Lucky and his Troubadours were up. Lucky Tubb is as traditional as it gets with the band consisting of a fiddler, stand up steel guitar, stand up bass, electric guitar, and an acoustic guitar. No form of percusion at all. They started off with a nice little instrumental and went on with his material. Seeing it's the first time I've heard him, I have no idea what the songs are save for the Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings covers. Here's a good shot of him impersonating Johnny Cash.


Watching a Hank III show is an experience. I meant, where else will you see some of the crowd headbang and mosh to a fast pace country song? Either way, his set is broken up where he will play the country songs first and heavy metal oriented songs later on.

Country set up is similar to Lucky Tubb with a few exceptions: a drummer was present and there was a banjo player in place of the electric guitar player. The set went on for four hours before Hank switched over to an electric guitar. I believe they call this the Hellbilly set. It's basically a mash of hard rock and country together with a little bit of screaming and yelling added into the mix. The last thirty minutes was just Hank, Gary Lindsey handling second vocals, a bass player, and a new drummer with apparently a hi tat added to the drum kit. It was the all out metal set. This is what also set Hank III from his grandfather and father: his metal side.

Apparently the show called for the country set being only 45 minutes long and the Hellbilly/Assjack set being 45 minutes as well, but it seems there was a little trouble that happened a day before with another show. The end result was more security being douchebags to the audience and to get back at the owners, Hank decided to boost his set from 45 miuntes to four hours of country and an hour of Hellbilly/Assjack. Not bad for a 20 dollar ticket price!

If you're into this type of music or just open minded and don't care for genres, I highly recommend catching a Hank III show first hand.

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Hanks fucking awesome, wish he would come around here once so I can catch them.

I, for one, am extremely jealous.

Indeed. He's a really cool guy in person. Didn't have any problems about signing my booklets and digipaks. I have no idea when they are going to tour here again. The Knoxville stop was the last one on the U.S. leg and he's off to Europe and the U.K.

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