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MLB Dream lineup

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If you had to create one who would it be made up with.

Mine would be:

Starting Pitchers:

Roy Halladay

Tim Lincecum

AJ Burnett



Bullpen: (Here's where my bias comes in)

Phil Hughes

Phil Coke

Mariano Rivera

Alfredo Aceves

Joba Chamberlain

1B- Alber Pujols

2B- Robinson Canoe

SS- Derek Jeter

3B- A Rod

C- Joe Mauer

RF- Ichiro Suzuki

CF- Shane Victorino

LF- Ryan Braun

And just for fun my DH would be Mark Texiera.

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Haha you think your bias is bad

SP- Tim Lincecum

SP- Matt Cain

SP- Justin Verlander

SP- Edwin Jackson

SP- Johan Santana

RP- Joe Nathan

RP- Trevor Hoffman

RP- Bobby Seay (gotta have a middle reliever)

C- Joe Mauer

1- Albert Pujols

2- Ian Kinsler

SS-Hanley Ramirez

3- Miguel Cabrera

OF- Curtis Granderson

OF- Shane Victorino

OF- Carl Crawford

DH- Marcus Thames

Batting Pitcher- Carlos Zambrano

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Starting Five

SP-Sandy Kofax

SP-Tim Lincecum

SP-Ty Cobb

SP-Vida Blue

SP-Nolan Ryan

RP-Joe Nathan

RP-John Papelbon

RP-Trevor Hoffman

RP-Hideki Okajima

RP-John Smoltz

RP-Mariano Rivera(I don't like him because he is a Yankee but I must give him props because he is damn good)

Outfield including backups

LF-Barry Bonds

LF-Orlando Cepeda

LF-Ted Williams

CF-Willie Mays

CF-Ken Griffy Jr

RF-Henry Aaron

RF-Babe Ruth

In Field-

3b-Pete Rose

SS-Cal Ripken

2B-Joe Morgan

1B-Ryan Howard

C-Carl Yaztreminski

I know Its kinda Cheap that i threw in hall of famers but what can i say that is my dream lineup.

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You don't like Mariano because he's a Yankee but you have Pete Rose on there and say nothing about it. Cool...

Even though Mariano is actually a really nice and humble guy.

Hey I dont like the Yankees because of what they represent.

He may be a humble guy but the fact remains the same he is a yankee.

And Pete rose yes he got banned from baseball I dont feel that that why he got banned from baseball was that dasterdly. Especially considering according to him he always betted on on the reds.

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