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I have, quite recently, gotten into the whole "Warhammer 40k" hobby. ...as if I needed another one. But anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else here is involved in this hobby as well? If so, what army or armies do you play and which do you prefer?

An Imperial Guard army sort of fell into my lap for a very cheap price. That's the only reason I got involved. Two months later a brand new Codex (rule book) was released for them, and suddenly I start winning every game I play with the Guard.

So does anyone else do this Warhammer thing?

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Oh my God. I've spent enough money on this to buy a car for about $3,000.

My biggest army was a 3,500 point Dark Angels Space Marine Army.

I also had 1,500 points of Tau, as well as Daemon Hunters and some Necrons.

Its a really fun game and I absolutely love the modeling aspect of it, thats what always kept me coming back.

But it cost way too much, and over time people stopped playing so I ended up selling all my shit.

I've switched over to playing Necromunda(In the 40k universe, but gangs instead of armies). Its cheaper and I like the gang aspect, its a little more in depth with your squads.

As for guard... Not the best starter army but it will do. Im assuming you have a few Leman Russ' as well as a basilisk. Imp Guard doesn't rely on just one unit, it is effective when all units are used in conjunction with a good/decent strategy. Good luck, and say goodbye to extra money:D

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I've done well with my Imperial Guard. But they are frustrating to play with. The shear number of difficult dice rolls I have to make just to wound a normal space marine are kind of rediculous. But yes, I definately have tanks. I have three Leman Russ Battle Tanks and one Basilisk. I also have two Chimeras and seven Sentinals... aside from the sixty Guardsmen and a squad of Storm Troopers. Oh, and my six heavy weapon teams.

I learned the rules and got the hang of the game with the IG, but I don't really hold much love for them. Like I said, I hate how high I have to roll with them. But, my love for the mighty Leman Russ tank has caused me to reach out and discover an army I have already fallen in love with, and I haven't even played a game with them yet, or finished collecting them. That would be the Space Wolves. They are so damn awesome, and so is Father Russ. I am now "Forever a Son of Russ!" I am anxiously awaiting the new codex to come out soon in a few months so I can start to play with them. I'm collecting and painting now, and I never thought I'd ever paint. I refused to paint my Imperial Guard army. Are you kidding? Paint 60 little men that die if someone farts to close to them? No thanks.

But the Space Wolves? Those are some BAD ASS marines. I have completely fallen in love with the Space Wolves... I love their style and their fluff. I want to track down the Space Wolves novels and read them now too.

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