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possible careers for A-E members


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Amy: elementary school librarian/secret science college librarian by night

Vampy: writer

GPS: welfare

Makil: freelance artist/stay at home daddy

Wind: personal trainer

Dorkon: art/history highschool teacher

Venom: President of the United States of America

Mithrandir: artist

TCZ: owner of a music store or something + freelance artist

crube: chef

Mitch: international newspaper photographer/story writer

Britt: fashion designer

Anime Gee: owner of a car company

Hayamaneko: owner of an anime store

Siendra: engineer?

Now you fill it out!! Feel free to add anyone..













Anime Gee:




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Amy: Something involving kids. And fun. I can totally see her working in some sort of ultimate physics playground at the sicence centre.

Vampy: Writer.

Venom: Ruler of something

Mithrandir: Fortune cookie author

Britt: Owner of a store that sells cat ears and other random Japanese items.

Anime Gee: Childrens author! Go Mr. Jones!

Hayamaneko: Proffesional unmotivator

Lindsay: Quirky magazine style person (?)

User.ini: Internet cafe owner.

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Amy: Teacher

Vampy: Writer or run a bookstore

GPS: Pro poker player

Wind: Proffesional musician

Dorkon: History teacher

Venom: Emperor

Mithrandir: Artist

TCZ: Artist

crube: Chefffff

Britt: Herbalist

Anime Gee: Car designer

Hayamaneko: Own an anime store

Siendra: Perhaps run his own business of some sorts

Lindsay: Fashion designer

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Shit...I really don't know ppl that well here...so my list'll be way, waaaaay off!

Amy: Teacher -- elementary [K-5]

Vampy: Writer

GPS: Critic [book/Movie/Etc...]

Makil: Model [if you worked out -- I bet you could make it]

Wind: Model as well

Dorkon: A leader of some sort

Venom: Actor

TCZ: [Comic Book] Artist

Crube: Cook/Baker

Britt: An Anime Store that sells Anime with a lot of fuckable characters

Anime Gee: Day Care worker or something -- someone that works with kids -- or a Photographer

Siendra: Leader of the Conservative Party! uh...no...I'm only joking -- umm...some Professional career [Engineer/Doctor/etc...]

Lindsay: I could probably see you as a Social Worker of some sort...oddly enough

SvM: Doctor/Sarah's bitch

Jenna: Writer [Prose/Poetry]

-- The people I took out...I have no clue...I couldn't even guess a random career for you guys. I'll probably be updating this as I remember more ppl and such.

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gack i accidentally closed the window, I'll do a few now and more later :\

xD Thanks for saying about the science guys!! I appreciate it. They have one of those science playgrounds in the museum here and it is fun, there's even an "archaeological dig" sandbox thing and instead of sand it's filled with crushed walnut shells (!!!)

vampy: writer/works in herbal medicine store on the side

Britt: Social welfare activist, on the side raises bunnies bred to shed lots of fur which she knits into organic scarves <3

SvM/David: doctor XD

Anime Gee: Engineer

GPS: Bus driver somewhere with poker

Venom: Scriptwriter for nature documentaries xD

Crube: was chef, quit because he hated working over holidays and weekends, now tour guide at local historical/natural place

Siendra: Meteorologist

Lindsay: ??? Poems/writing achieves occasional money acceptance, no other real job but like always doing things and artsy and makes money last a looong time.

Venom: PotUS

TCZ: art

Sug: xD Someone's wife so she doesn't have to work, if she did, graphic designer

mst3k: lawyer helper

Makil: camp counselor, day care, *secret dreams of clothes buyer for Hot Topic*

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"-- The people I took out...I have no clue...I couldn't even guess a random career for you guys. I'll probably be updating this as I remember more ppl and such."

I don't know what I'd see you as -- even though I've known you for 3 years...wait wait! I got it!

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Amy: high school teacher

Vampy: life consultant

GPS: "GPS and roeper"

Makil: character designs or hand model

Wind: the guy who hands you a clipboard at the gym

Dorkon: politician

Venom: voice of god

Mithrandir: philosopher

TCZ: prison

crube: will replace the mascot guy on iron chef america and make it bearable

Britt: um.... post-modernist

Anime Gee: pimp

Hayamaneko: ohhhh, shot himself in the face too

Siendra: left me off his list, fuck 'im :tongue:

Lindsay: you ever see that anime "golden boy"? kinda like that, but with a shriners car instead of a bike

stranger: transient

rockerluke: shredder

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Hayamaneko: Proffesional unmotivator

I live in van....DOWN BY THE RIVER!


Amy: Musuem curator

Vampy: Columnist for some artsy fartsy magazine

GPS: Leader of the Libertarian party

Venom: Supreme ruler of Canada

Mithrandir: College proffesor with a pipe and tweed jacket

crube: Disgruntaled something or other

Anime Gee: President of GM

Siendra: Dungeon Master of some kind

Lindsay: Selling muffins in a mall Kiosk (lol American Dad reference for no reason)

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