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Alright not to taint this topic too much, but if the halo movie gets a greenlights and Blomkamp directs it, you think it could actually be one of the first great game to movie adaptations? I mean the guy already filmed 3 halo short films.

with Halo there would be a lot of limitations. with District 9 they were free to do whatever they wanted or worry about pleasing a giant fanbase.

but it would probably look amazing.

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Man, was it just me or did the part where

Wikus was forced to use the alien bioweapon to blow up an alien seem like a snuff flim? The aliens were made to be so human that it freaked me out a little bit.

I was squeezing my chair and looking around the theater to see if anyone else had a similar reaction.

And why aren't there more posts here...? The movie was really something.

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