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height + weight + attractiveness ect


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Height: 5'7"

Weight: ~130(haven't trained in a month. Getting out of shape. x_x)

Body: Good amount of muscle, small frame but I have big ribs which I hate

Attractiveness: Eh I don't really so what other people see. I'm alright but I really really want/need to do some weightraining and then I'll be better.

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height: 5'3"

weight: 126

body: no breasts! fat looking, I gain weight in the stomach. Actually the no breasts makes me look thinner than I am

attractiveness: 3 or 4 out of ten, I am fine with how I look but I wouldn't expect anyone to like it. :P

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height - 5'8

weight - 135

Body - Thin / Muscular

Attractiveness - Not really sure


OMG and I JUST SAW HAL BEASLEY TODAY. I swear to god you look so much like him. But frankly, you're cuter.

um so yea, here's mine:

height: 5'3"

weight: fluctuates between 135 and 145

body: very curvy, bit much so for my own preference -_-; damn boobs always in the way.

Attractiveness: I think I'm basically cute. Not like goregous, but cute.

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Height: 6'1

Weight: 155

Body: Kinda thin, I guess. Flash photography makes me look a lot thinner than I actually am! ('o' )!!!

Attractiveness: A lot of girls can't resist the Anime Gee, so I guess I'm kinda attactive, although I've always considered myself an average looking fool. Too bad that I'm already taken, though. (^o^ ) <3


Anime Gee > pkiss2.gif < Anime Gee's girl

*thumbs up*

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height: 5'8" or 5'9" i forgot O_O

weight: between 120-140 it really depends...it useally stays at 140 O_O but i will be working out to ^_~

body: umm *blushes* a lady never tells XD *laughs* curves in the right places

Attractiveness: i really dont think i am great but everyone says i am super sexy ^_~ more so on my eyes they say

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