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Accelerated Evolution

Let's Play Metroid 2!

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That's right, it's Ikari's turn to make an LP. First up, Metroid 2! I made a flub up of saying the word "Zebes" once in the vid, but every other time, it's right.

Video 1! Viddler | YouTube Part 1|Part 2|Part 3|Part 4

Video 2! Viddler | YouTube Part 1|Part 2|Part 3

Video 3! Viddler | YouTtube Part 1|Part 2

Video 4! Viddler | YouTube Part 1|Part 2|Part 3

Video 5! Viddler | YouTube Part 1|Part 2

Video 6! Viddler | YouTube Part 1|Part 2

The thrilling conclusion! Viddler| YouTube

I hope you all enjoy it!

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I'm really glad they at least tried to visually break up the areas a bit given the limited gameboy abilities. I was worried we'd be seeing the same blocks for the entire game, so that's nice.

Also, man each of the beams seems to have a terrible glaring weakness. I'm really glad future games would just combine them all.

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I think the Spazer beam was glitched out with the uneven firing pattern. The wave beam, as you commented on yesterday in chat, is all kinds of terrible. The plasma beam has such a narrow hit box it's ridiculously hard to hit ANYTHING.

The environments are varied enough to keep it interesting, but when you end up with 6 or more screens of just the same environment, it still gets pretty repetitive. Still, I'm going to keep going with this. Thanks for your support, all!

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One thing I noticed while fighting the queen metroid, there was a little passage that looks like you could morphball under and goes off screen. Did you ever try it?

I'm sorry, I should have said that in my commentary, got a little carried away. That opening drops you down to where you get the ice beam, right onto the Chozo statue's hand. It's there in case you run out of missiles.

that was really good. Are you thinkin of doing another game anytime soon?

soon-ish. I need to chop this one up for youtube before I do anything else. I'm considering doing Mega Man Xtreme 2 on the GBColor, or see how good Dark Sector comes out...it lives up to its name, though, so I'm not sure about that one yet.

Wow, you really never did play the original metroid. Yeah you can bomb them off you in pretty much every version.

Hehe, yeah, it shows. I figured out how to scroll them off the screen and just stuck with the same ol' strategy since I was 8, lol. Thanks for watching, folks! Once I have the time & energy, I'll be sure to get on the next one!

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