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seriously who hasn't done this one time or another? go to a site that has e-cards you can mail to your family who live in a different state/country on a special occasion just so you can save a buck and not get off your lazy ass?

well, i'm looking for one. a decent one at least. one that doesn't feel cheap... but also free. it's for a friend who's brother is sick (and probably going to kick the bucket :sad:), so i'll need a site that has get well cards.

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i forgot i made this thread a while ago. gives me a good laugh now. but to reply to it, no I couldn't call her. crazy as it sounds i don't own a phone or cellphone, i stick to email for communication. i still have my job, still talk to friends (since they have mail on their phones anyway), and save a good $30 every month. so i'm good.

anyway i did send that card out. i forgot which service I used but it was decent enough to get the job done. the person healed up a few days afterward do it didn't really matter.

now i wish i could find a thank you card to send to said person. i just can't find the right site for it. no card i've come across says "Thanks for wasting three months of my life by telling me you don't like being cheated on when you're going around behind my back fucking some chick who's 15 years older then you, has three kids, and looks more butch then 90% of girls that show up at Gay Pride parades then when I bring it up to you you deny it and make me feel like a piece of shit for even doubting you but once I create a fake account of a girl that seems "really" into you, you tell her all about how you're cheating on me, you condensing piece of shit."

comon' help me out hallmark!

although now i should look up that site again because i want to send thank you cards out to friends and family who attended my aunt's funeral. it'll cost me quite a bit of change to send out actual cards and I'm not going to see half these people again until someone else dies. so eh.

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