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setting nazis on fire.

Despite some of the reviews that are in the 70's it seems to average out as an 8/10. Most of the negativity is because of it not having a Modern Warfare style cover system, but why does every new FPS have to use what other games created? I mean Wolfenstein was the start of it all...

I love the game to death and am playing through the singleplayer campaign for the second time,i have a cracked version so I havent tested the multiplayer but I hear it is excellent.

Haven't heard anyone talking about this game here, so I thought i'd bring it up. I highly reccomend it if you enjoy dismembering, electricuting, dissolving, and burning nazis, along with experimental nazi soldiers such as my favorit, the invisible assasin which has a low pitched laugh, moves at super fast speeds and can only be seen when you enable the "Veil" mode (between reality and the black sun dimension) you first encounter them in the hospital level which is a very creepy ass level. you just see staff and patients being sliced up by the assassin. The design of the character is fucking awesome too, a giant blade strapped to each arm, cool ass looking outfit and mask...

Love the game to death.. hope some others here enjoy it as well, and if you havent I suggest you atleast rent it if you play console games, or download a cracked version if your a pc gamer before you buy it. It may not be for everyone but its the best single player FPS to have come out this year so far (until Modern Warfare 2).

You never lose with ID.

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