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Accelerated Evolution

Let's Play The Neverhood!

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I needed a game to play, so I decided to look into the graphic-adventure-type games and ended up finding this. You play as Klaymen, and I'm not really sure what his purpose is or what is going on. I guess we'll all find out, eh?

Episode List

Episode 1: Viddler

Episode 2: Viddler

Episode 3: Viddler

Episode 4: Viddler

Website hosting the Hall of Records in text form

P.S. I had to install Windows 98 on a virtual machine to make the videos run smooth. WINDOWS 98

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Dude, very excited to see this. I've always wanted to play this game and skullmonkeys but I just never got around to it back in the day. I remember seeing ads for this back in Gameplayers magazine and loving the art style. Very cool and looking forward to this.

Plus your quirky sense of humor has a good possibility of meshing with this. Excited. Great game choice.

Edit: Watching this, I appear to be totally right about your humor meshing. Sweet.

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So I got bored and started reading the hall of records. If anyone's curious it can be found here.

Basically it's a bible-esque story of creation of all the gods and universes of the game. The most important of which is Hoborg as he's the god of this game. Hoborg was a kind god made by Quarter, he went on a search to find the best klay in the universe to make a neighborhood that would last forever along with Willie and Big Robot Bil (being from different worlds and creators) to create his world.

All the other stories are about other gods who aren't really featured in the game (and one about the guy who created the world of the sequel Skullmonkeys) and I'm assuming the room with guys with crowns, the statues are what Hoborg made to remember his brothers.

Good to know that all of Doug Tenaple's storylines are insane.

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