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Hello everyone

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Umm, hi!

I'm Rosie I'm from Quebec, Canada. It is the only french province. So please excuse my poor english !

This site was recommended from a very dear friend of mine Crube who participate in this forum

You could say I'm really an loner, I never was the kind to really hang out with people.. I love my space.

But I'm pretty social online. I have always loved forums!

I read and write a lot. Litterature has always been a passion to me. Right now, I'm definitely in love with Anne Rice's books. Music is dear to me in so many ways possible. I listen to probably anything, even though I have my preferences.

I have a lover, and he's named Adam. He's truly is the most important thing on earth to me.

We've been together for one year and a half almost and everything is going well too. :)

It's pretty hard for me to describe myself! I guess everyone has difficulties with this.

But if you have any questions, I'd answer it of course!

Thx everyone and babye! :)


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