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Accelerated Evolution

SUPER Street Fighter 4

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I'm kind of pissed about this considering we were told T-Hawk and Dee Jay (shitty characters not even worth 5 bucks) were planned to be in SF4 to begin with, now we have to pay probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 bucks (since they said it won't be full priced) to get fixes and add-ons they should've put in to begin with. Yes I'll prolly buy it but for fuck's sake fix Seth's shitty ass A.I. from being guido douche to tolerable asshole.

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Would it be worth it to just wait and get this instead of just getting SFIV now? I've been waiting for the price on it to drop a bit but I need a new fighting game.

probably. unless you're on a budget and don't really care about the new stuff in Super. once Super comes out the original will dip further down. it's already $30 in some places but i'd expect it to be around $15-20 after that.

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